Alexa Bliss Would Lose A WWE Bra & Panties Match Today: She’d Be Dragged By The Hair Out Of The Ring By Mom


WWE champion Alexa Bliss pictures herself in one of the infamous WWE Bra & Panties matches that were going strong up until a decade ago, but she doesn’t talk about winning or losing this match. The next thought that comes to mind is her mother dragging her out of the WWE ring by her hair.

Those once much-anticipated matches from years ago have been swept into WWE history, with the last Bra & Panties match taking place in 2007 between Melina and Candice Michelle on a Monday Night Raw episode. Alexa cringes at the thought of jumping in the ring with another woman wrestler for a match that consists of the loser standing there stripped down to her bra and panties.

With that said, she expresses the highest respect for the women wrestlers who endured those matches. They had to compete in this type of wrestling match if they wanted to be a female wrestler.

Bliss said during a recent interview, “For me, it is a more of a respect thing, they had to do that so we could do what we do now,” according to the Daily Star.

Over the past decade, the WWE has put a new focus on women in the ring, with many opportunities awarded to the women that were once only reserved for male wrestlers. Just last night on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced the first-ever all-women Royal Rumble match, which has really enthused the WWE fans, according to


Bliss doesn’t lose sight of how those opportunities came to be.

She said, “But we wouldn’t have the opportunities we do now if it weren’t for the women who had to go and wrestle in their underwear.”

The focus has become more on the “in-ring skill” and “storytelling talent” rather than the focusing on the woman’s “looks.”

The Bra & Panties match of yesteryear featured two women actually stripping one another under the umbrella of wrestling. They attempted to strip their opponent down to nothing but their underwear in order to walk away as the winner of that match, which is how these matches got the name Bra & Panties.

It was during the 90s when these Bra & Panties matches were commonplace, according to the Daily Star. The mindset when it comes to women in the WWE has changed. Women get equal billing with the men in the WWE today, and the women also compete in the lengthy matches once only reserved for the men wrestlers.

The emphasis on the women’s skill rather than how she looks is still evolving. It was only a year ago when back in 2016 Sasha Banks and Charlotte became the first WWE women wrestlers to headline a pay-per-view at the Hell in a Cell match. Last night’s all-women Royal Rumble announcement was also a first.

The word “Diva” was axed by the WWE last year and the term “Women’s Championship” was reinstated in the policy. Bliss, who is dubbed “Five Feet of Fury,” is a four-time women’s champ earning this twice on Raw and twice on SmackDown.

Alexa, who is 5 feet 1 inches, is known as a wrestler who has an “athletic in-ring style,” She debuted in the WWE back in 2016 after her skills as a rookie on the show NXT got her the gig. She had a former career as a bodybuilder and cheerleader. With all her credits, skills and fury, this iconic woman wrestler can still see her mother pulling her by the hair out of a Bra & Panties match of days gone by.

It was made very clear by Alexa that you would never find her participating in Bra & Panties match. With that said, if she had lived through the era where these matches were commonplace, it sounds like she wouldn’t win — and neither would her opponent. It would be her mom who would win by dragging her by the hair backstage.