Glitter Tongue And Christmas Themed Eyebrows Top The Weird Holiday Beauty Trends List

CatLaneiStock Photo

Heading to a holiday party? Never mind that ugly Christmas sweater — deck your face with these bizarre holiday beauty trends that are sure to draw plenty of attention. This year, the glitter tongue and Christmas-themed eyebrows are all the rage for those who don’t mind a mouthful of sparkly stuff and brows that take a steady hand and a little patience. Oh, and let’s not forget lashes that may outshine your Christmas tree.

The glitter tongue is a new trend and pics of people sticking out their sparkling tongues are popping up all over social media. While a glittery tongue looks oddly festive, it begs least two questions — how do you feast on Christmas dinner and, more importantly, is coating your tongue with glitter safe?

According to the Independent, Australian make-up artist Jacinta Vukovic accidentally got glitter on her tongue while creating a “dazzling lip look.” After she posted a picture of her tongue on Instagram, it prompted others to purposely plaster glitter all over their tongues.

There are edible glitter products on the market, although it’s not clear if the tongue pictured below are coated with the edible version or the common glitter found in craft stores.

How safe is this beauty trend? The FDA reports that edible glitter is typically made with sugar and color and is commonly — and safely — used to decorate cupcakes, cakes, and other food products.

However, craft glitter, although often marked “non-toxic,” shouldn’t be used on your tongue. Push Doctor’s chief medical officer, Adam Simon, tells the Daily Mail that “most glitter products aren’t edible” and “swallowing it could cause a stomach ache, constipation or something more serious if there happens to be bacteria on the glitter.”

A safer holiday beauty trend is decorative eyebrows, including Santa hats and Christmas tree brows. You don’t need to be a makeup artist to create these festive brows, but they will clearly add some time on to your daily makeup routine.

A quick search of the hashtags #Christmastreebrows or #Santabrows on Instagram will give you some ideas if you want to create Santa hat brows or turn your eyebrows into Christmas tree branches adorned with glittery ornaments.

If glitter on your tongue or Christmas-themed brows isn’t your thing, some people are rocking glittery eyelashes during the holiday season.

Is it safe to coat your lashes in glitter? You may want to consult your eye doctor with that question, but here’s a look at some holiday-ready lashes that will turn some heads.