Matt Lauer Wife Annette Roque Shocking Reported Reaction To Addie Collins Zinone’s Hot Affair Details

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Matt Lauer ruled NBC for 21 years as the Today show anchor. But when the network fired Lauer in late November over sexual harassment allegations, he went from world-renowned fame as a journalist to infamy. Many cited Matt as yet another example of a corporation attempting to hide a powerhouse’s sexual misconduct for years. Allegations about Lauer have not ended, with the firing followed by other women’s stories about Matt’s alleged misconduct, reported Fox News.

Now, however, Addie Collins Zinone has taken Matt’s already infamous reputation and made it much worse. In contrast to the previous rumors about various women, Addie has gone public about her affair with Lauer.

“The former production assistant who says she engaged in a sexual relationship with married Matt Lauer in 2000 has divulged new revelations about the torrid affair with the now disgraced talk show host and its painful aftermath.”

Zinone’s interview ironically occurred on the Today show, providing details about her affair with Matt, which Addie said lasted for a month. The former production assistant described how her relationship with Lauer went from casual chats to Matt “accomplishing his goal” with an alleged sexual encounter. She was 24 during the affair, while Lauer was married and in his early 40s.

Addie Collins Zinone Hot Affair Interview Sparks Matt Lauer’s Wife To Fear More Confessions

In the wake of Matt’s firing from NBC News and the recent interview with the production assistant about her affair with Lauer, Matt’s wife has become the subject of speculation.

An insider told Hollywood Life that the results of Matt’s firing and Addie’s affair revelations have been devastating for his wife Annette Roque. And the source also revealed the biggest fear that Lauer’s wife now has.

“Annette Roque fears more accusers will come forward with sexual harassment claims against him. She ‘can’t handle it.'”

It’s the holiday season, and Roque reportedly is doing her best to make it a bright one for the children that she and Matt share. Annette even is trying to stay positive with the hope that the flood of women issuing allegations about Lauer’s sexual misconduct has dried up. But it’s not easy, according to the source, who said that ever since NBC went public with the news that Matt was fired as a result of sexual harassment and misconduct, Lauer’s wife has suffered.

Matt Lauer and his wife Annette Roque pose on the red carpet before he was fired from NBC.
Matt Lauer and his wife Annette Roque pose on the red carpet before he was fired from NBC.Featured image credit: Dennis Van TineSTAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

Already reportedly horrified at the stories about Matt’s conduct at the network, now Matt’s spouse is facing the detailed allegations from the former production assistant about her affair with Lauer. Roque reportedly is terrified that more women will step forward just like Zinone and share their own stories about affairs with Matt, said the insider.

Matt Lauer’s Wife Exhausted From Onslaught Of Allegations

It has not even been a month since Lauer was fired, but Matt’s wife is already exhausted, revealed the source. She also reportedly is humiliated by the revelations, including the former production assistant’s on-air interview about her affair with Lauer.

“After everything she has been through Annette is tired, embarrassed and feels like she can’t handle anymore.”

The insider, described as someone close to Matt’s wife, revealed that at 51, Roque has been struggling to survive the holidays. Despite the high profile reports about Lauer’s alleged sexual misconduct and affair with a former production assistant nearly half his age, Annette sees it as her role to protect the children, added the insider. Roque is making an effort to shield her offspring from “the negative energy circling their family,” according to the source. But it’s not easy, particularly because Matt’s wife is reportedly attempting to prepare herself for more allegations.

“Annette is doing everything she can to maintain her sanity during this difficult time and if another woman comes forward with horrible stories about Matt, Annette feels like it would be simply devastating,” added the source.

Although rumors of a divorce have soared, Roque has not yet filed to end her marriage. There were reports in the wake of Matt’s firing that Lauer’s wife even took the two younger kids to leave the Hamptons for Holland. However, Annette has been seen in public with Matt and their 14-year-old daughter. Romy was seen with her parents taking horse-riding lessons. There is speculation that Lauer and Roque are attempting to make the holidays pleasant for their children rather than go through a messy divorce at this point in the year.