Fashion Designer Joseph Abboud On An Emerging Fashion Trend For Men

Joseph Abboud has spent decades as a prominent figure within the fashion world, and his namesake Joseph Abboud brand celebrated its 30th anniversary this year in 2017. In addition to the aforementioned Joseph Abboud line of menswear, Abboud has contributed to other prominent brands like Chanel, Lord & Taylor, H&M, Men's Wearhouse, and Ralph Lauren in different creative capacities. He also holds the distinction of winning the Cutty Sark Award for "Most Promising Menswear Designer" in 1988 then "Best Menswear Designer" from the Council of Fashion Designers in 1989 and 1990, all within a few years of launching the Joseph Abboud brand. Furthermore, Abboud has designed one-of-a-kind automobiles for Buick and GMC as part of his extensive philanthropic efforts. These sorts of accomplishments are among what Abboud discussed in his well-received memoir Threads: My Life Behind the Seams in the High-Stakes World Of Fashion, as written for HarperCollins.

When interviewed for The Hype Magazine, as fashion is known to be a cyclical field, Abboud was asked what he sees coming up for men's fashion in the near future.

"We've been in this sort of uber-skinny moment for a while now. The shrunken suit is feeling old now. It can't get any smaller or skinnier."
He continued, "What I think is happening is a movement back towards fullness of fabric, and that's interesting because of how I launched my very first collection, which was a little more Hollywood."

Abboud described this fashion sense as "very elegant and very 'movie star,'" and noted that garments ought to be "a little bit fuller than they used to be," trousers included.

In the same interview, Abboud also discussed his brand's long-standing history within the sports world. Abboud's company received a lot of attention for dressing sports-related celebrities, most prominently at first with broadcast journalist Bryant Gumbel. Presently, Abboud makes the suit of choice for many coaches in the NBA and NHL. Long before that, Abboud sold suits to New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft while working at Boston-based retail mainstay Louis Boston. While Abboud is presently a resident of Westchester, New York, his Massachusetts roots run deep as he noted keeping a home in Chesterfield and having his factory in New Bedford.

In February 2018, Joseph Abboud will be unveiling his Fall/Winter 2018 collection at New York Fashion Week. The leading menswear designer and his brand also continues to hold his own in insisting that his suits be manufactured in the United States, as the Joseph Abboud fashion line now enters its 31st year of business.