Prince William, Kate Middleton Having Another Baby Boy: Royal Couple Hinting At Baby’s Gender In New Photo?

Chris JacksonGetty Images

It has been months since Prince William and Kate Middleton confirmed the news that they are pregnant with their third child, but it looks like many of their followers are excitedly waiting to learn about the gender of their third baby. While there have been countless reports surrounding this topic, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are seemingly hinting at the baby’s gender in a newly-released photo.

Are Kate Middleton and Prince William pregnant with another baby boy? This is what it appears to be after Kensington Palace released a new Christmas card featuring the royal family. Per Life & Style, Prince William, Kate, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte all sported blue outfits for the family’s 2017 Christmas card, which was taken this early 2017 at the Kensington Palace.

Many people took this as a hint that the gender of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby number three is a boy. However, the publication notes that the royal family has never given any hints about the genders of Prince George and Princess Charlotte when Kate was still pregnant and the color of their outfits is never a reliable indicator.

It is also believed that even Kate and Prince William have no idea about the gender of their third child, as sources claim that the royal couple wishes to find out as a surprise. What matters to the family right now is Kate’s health and that of their third baby, especially since the Duchess of Cambridge has been suffering from severe morning sickness.

There have been countless reports surrounding Kate and Prince William’s baby number three, including a more recent one that claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pregnant with twin girls. The report claimed that Kate has had an “inkling it might be twins” due to a bigger weight gain than her previous pregnancies.

The report further states that Queen Elizabeth was absolutely delighted when Prince William and Kate delivered the news to her. While many were ecstatic to hear about this report, Gossip Cop has already refuted the rumor and clarified that Kensington Palace has not issued any statement regarding this matter nor are Prince William and Kate pregnant with twin girls.

For now, loyal followers of the couple should sit back and wait for further announcements from the Palace. Kate Middleton is expected to give birth in April 2018.