Donald Trump Jr. Faces Backlash After Mocking Barack Obama With Giant Cookie, Restaurant Owner Cries Racism

David Becker, Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Donald Trump Jr. is facing yet another backlash after mocking former President Barack Obama. The presidential son, who is known for his blunders on social media, is being called out for allegedly crossing the line of decency with his “offensive” and “racist” post.

On Sunday, the oldest son of President Donald Trump took to Instagram and shared a photo of him and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The duo poses with a gigantic cookie cake frosted with a distorted caricature of his father’s predecessor.

The photo, which already gained more than 38,000 likes, shows Donald Trump Jr. doing a funny face and flashing a fake smile for the camera while mockingly holding the badly sketched cookie. Senator Ted Cruz, on the other hand, appears uncomfortable with the scenario as he grimaces.

The brown-colored cookie appears to be inspired by Barack Obama’s “Hope” poster. It can be recalled that in 2008, artist Shepard Fairey designed the poster for his presidential campaign, which featured colors red, beige, light and dark blue.

According to Time, Donald Trump Jr. received the cookie as an early present for his upcoming 40th birthday. Apparently, the presidential son was in Dallas restaurant Le Bilboquet attending a private party when his friends decided to bring the bizarre gift for him.

The younger Trump, who seems very pleased with his birthday cookie, bluntly mentioned Barack Obama’s name in the caption and even used it as one of the hashtags.

Many were quick to express their disgust on Donald Trump Jr.’s latest social media controversy. One critic commented, “I love how obsessed you all are with our real president,” while another one wrote, “Obama has more class than you two ever will.”

Some writers and political consultants also expressed their dismay on the presidential son’s post. Famous pollster Matt McDermott called out Donald Trump Jr. for being “obnoxiously racist” and even questioned whether the image in the cookie was really Barack Obama.

Judd Legum, ThinkProgress editor, couldn’t help but ask, “What is wrong with these people?” On the other hand, NBC’s Katie Engelhart criticized the younger Trump for his controversial Instagram account.


Meanwhile, Le Bilboquet owner Stephan Courseau was reportedly outraged by Donald Trump Jr.’s latest blunder. In an official apology, the restaurant owner revealed that he felt betrayed and sad by the incident.

According to him, the presidential son’s actions are unacceptable, adding that he shares most people’s indignation without any reservation. He also reiterated that he was not aware that the guests will do such thing and that the cookie itself was not from their restaurant.

Being from a different country himself, Courseau describes Donald Trump Jr.’s action as disrespectful and racist.

“Restaurant business is about creating a hospitable environment for all, a non-partisan, non-politicized, nondiscriminatory and respectful environment. The fact that guests decided to use our restaurant as a platform to promote, disrespect, and spread hatred goes against everything we stand for.”

So far, Donald Trump Jr. has yet to address the issue. Former President Barack Obama has not commented on it as well.