Huge Update On Natalya’s Rumored Retirement Following ‘Clash of Champions’


Last night, Natalya failed to reclaim the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Charlotte at the WWE Clash of Champions. After the match, she cut a scathing promo against the Women’s Division and the fans before “turning her back” on everyone. There has been speculation today brought to light by Dave Meltzer that “The Queen of Hearts” could have been written off SmackDown Live or even retired last night on PPV. also ran an article questioning Natalya’s WWE future. After a day of speculation, Natalya finally responded to the rumors going around about her potential retirement. It has been reported that she denied her “retirement” and her promo at ‘Night of Champions‘ was simply to keep her heel persona strong after a huge loss to Charlotte. Going forward, it seems that Nayalya will leave the SmackDown Women’s title hunt.

With the Women’s Division undergoing so much change recently and several new women on the scene, it’s possible that Natalya could be used in a different way on WWE television going forward. She has regained a lot of momentum as a result of her title reign and feud with Charlotte, so she could be heading into another big feud to put over another babyface or to work with “The Riott Squad” as a rival or an ally to the new trio.

Here's the Latest Update On Natalya Retirement Rumors
'Natalya's WWE future is in question, but there seems to be some kind of plan.'Featured image credit: WWE

Whatever WWE officials have in mind for Natalya moving forward, there seems to be some kind of plan in place and her promo last night will be a big part of it. The important thing is the WWE Universe is curious about Natalya’s future and the speculation is a major sign of interest. Both Raw and SmackDown Live are on the path to the WWE Royal Rumble, which means that WrestleMania season is just around the corner.

There is a lot of speculation about WWE officials pulling the trigger on a Women’s ‘Royal Rumble‘ Match this year, which “The Queen of Hearts” is expected to be a part of next month. Natalya didn’t end the year on a high note, but it was a much better year for her after being stuck in the midcard for several years. Her days on WWE programming are not coming to an end, but we still have to wait to see what happens next.