SHINee’s Jonghyun Left A Suicide Letter, Dream Cloud Nine9 Released Heartbreaking Note

Kin CheungAP Images

On December 18, k-pop fans were shocked after news outlets confirmed SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun died from an apparent suicide. The police report stated that the singer was found in a serviced residence in Gangnam where he tried to kill himself by burning coal briquettes. Jonghyun’s sister called the police after receiving an alarming text from her brother. Although the authorities arrived on the scene, Jonghyun died on the way to the hospital. The actor’s Instagram post triggered rumors he was contemplating suicide for some time. Jonghyun’s good friend Nine9 from Dear Cloud revealed his suicide letter.

Nine9 already said her final goodbye to Jonghyun, and according to her, everything seems like a bad dream. She revealed the singer struggled every day. Nine9 revealed Kim Jonghyun asked her for a favor in case he left this world. The singer told her to upload a letter on his behalf. Nine9 also revealed she knew of Jonghyun’s dark thoughts and she told his family about what Jonghyun was going through. While telling the singer’s family may have bought Jonghyun more time, it only delayed the inevitable.

Nine9 contemplated whether uploading the letter Jonghyun left would be the right thing to do. She had to convene with the singer’s family to discuss the issue. With their permission, she decided to upload the letter Jonghyun left if he passed away.

The Dream Cloud artist knew the farewell letter she posted on her Instagram account will be controversial, and Jonghyun might have known the same. She also wanted the everyone to know Jonghyun did not struggle on his own. As for her parting words to Jonghyun, she wanted to tell him about her gratitude and that he did a good job.

“Beautiful Jonghyun, I love you lots and I will continue to love you a lot.

“Please don’t get hurt and rest in peace up there.”

In his farewell letter, Jonghyun revealed he consulted a doctor, but he did not receive enough treatment and support. It seems like Kim Jonghyun struggled with depression for a long time. The artist’s farewell letter is in Korean, but Allkpop provided a translated version of Jonghyun’s parting words.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment announced there will be a public mortuary for SHINee’s Jonghyun. Fans can pay their respects to Kim Jonghyun on December 19, noon at Room 3 of Asan Medical Center Funeral Home.