‘Glee’ Star Mark Salling Has Agreed To Serve At Least 4 Years In Prison

Nicole Evatt

The local NBC Los Angeles affiliate is saying that Glee star Mark Salling has agreed to plead guilty to a plea agreement that would allow him to skip a trial and spend at least four years in prison for possessing child pornography. Mark Salling was in court today to formally take the plea agreement and receive a date for sentencing. Salling, who is best known for playing Noah “Puck” Puckerman on Glee was arrested in 2015 for possessing child pornography on his laptop, phone, and a thumb drive.

Salling, 35, is supposed to appear today in federal court in front of Judge Otis D. Wright II, who will hear Glee star Mark Salling accept the agreement agreed upon by Salling’s lawyers and federal prosecutors.

Joseph Macias, a special agent in charge of United States ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations in Los Angeles said that people have claimed that Mark Salling doesn’t “look” like a pedophile, or someone who would possess child pornography, but Macias says that these people come in all walks of life.

“The traditional stereotype about the kinds of people who commit child sexual exploitation crimes simply doesn’t dovetail with reality. While people are often surprised when high-profile individuals come under scrutiny in such investigations, we hope cases like this will raise awareness about law enforcement’s vigilance to combat the online sexual exploitation of children and hold those involved, regardless of their position, accountable for their actions.”


CBS in Los Angeles is saying that Glee star Mark Salling is most likely to spend seven years in prison for child pornography charges, and he will do his time in a federal prison, possibly with Anthony Weiner in the sex offender program in Massachusetts.

Mark Salling’s Los Angeles home was raided and his phone, computer and a 16-gigabyte thumb drive which had images and movies featuring girls under the age of 12.

An additional part of Glee star Mark Salling’s plea agreement was a willingness to be on probation for twenty years after his release from prison. Salling will also pay at least $50k to each identified victim whose image was in the child pornography in Salling’s possession.


TMZ says that they have verified that Glee star Mark Salling has taken the plea deal at the Los Angeles federal courthouse just minutes ago, and will remain out on bail until his sentencing with an ankle monitor. The prosecutors have suggested that Salling serve between four and seven years in prison, and new court documents have said that the majority of Salling’s victims were between the ages of 3 and 5.

A date has not been given for Glee star Mark Salling’s sentencing at this time.