Serena Williams Confirms Australian Open 2018 On Instagram? Baby Duties Fall On Her As Alexis Ohanian Parties

Fans have been asking Serena Williams whether she will be back in Melbourne to defend her Australian Open title. While the tournament director has been proclaiming that she will be back, the champion herself has not given any official announcements. The latest photo that she posted on Instagram heavily hinted at the fact that she will be there at 2018 Australian Open. However, it looks like the baby duties, as her husband, Alexis Ohanian, is partying it up, are weighing heavily on her.

With the 36-year-old American tennis player staying mum, the Australian Open tournament director has been trying to get her fans to buy tickets with promises that she will be playing on his hard courts.

"She's got her visa, she's entered, she's practicing and she's probably just got to find a bit more space for a bigger entourage," he said to Herald Sun. And he is confident that she will be ready. "There's no question that she'll be ready in our view and she wants to break a record that is Margaret Court's. It would be a pretty significant accomplishment for her to be able to do that."

Serena gave birth to her first baby on September 1, 2017, which means that she just has three months before she can recover, get back into fighting shape and train herself to endure all the mental and physical pains of defending her title.

Her latest picture on Instagram seemed to assure her fans that she will be playing on a hard court in the near future.

While she did not write any caption, the fans took this as a good sign.

"A true Legend you are!! No one can beat you," one fan encouraged her.

"I'm so excited," another chimed in. "Can't wait to see you on the court! I'm a huge fan!"

"So you are getting ready," another wrote. "We are always rooting for you!"

At the same time, Serena Williams is struggling with the fact that her baby daughter, Alexis Ohanian Jr., is in a lot of pain. On a video of her baby she posted on Instagram, she reached out to her fans for any advice on relieving her daughter of this pain.

While her baby is breaking her heart, it looks like her husband is busy partying it up with his Reddit employees. In the recent post he made on Instagram, he stated that he could not have done all of this if it wasn't for his wife "waiting for me at home every night."While Alexis managed to get a few months off for paternity leave, he had to go back to work, leaving Serena, who seems to have a more flexible schedule, with their baby.

The 36-year-old new mother gets a lot of help from her family as she prepares her Australian Open comeback.