Sophia Bush Finally Addresses Her ‘Chicago P.D.’ Exit

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Sophia Bush caused quite a stir when she exited Chicago P.D. after Season 4. Fans questioned how the show would run without Erin Lindsay in the mix, but so far, fans are still tuning in. Bush never addressed her exit. She simply didn’t return, and when she was asked about it on social media, she didn’t respond. Chicago P.D. writers wrote Bush off by sending her to New York, which prompted speculation she had decided to join Law and Order: SVU, but that was not the case.

Being outspoken is something Sophia Bush is known for, especially regarding issues of equality. Twitter has been her go-to outlet, though she is active on Instagram as well. It has been several months since she decided to leave Chicago P.D., and yet, there are still fans demanding to know why she did what she did. According to Us Weekly, Sophia Bush has given a little bit more information about her abrupt exit from the show that she pegged as her dream job at one point. Things were not good for her, and by the time she realized it, Bush felt like she was trapped inside a burning building.

There is a lot of speculation happening right now regarding Sophia Bush and her Chicago P.D. exit. Her comments regarding the way things played out have fans curious. The information she was able to share revealed that she asked her bosses to make some changes before Season 4 began. In fact, Bush was very upfront with the executives and laid everything out on the table. She acknowledged that if things hadn’t changed by the following December, the current season would be her last. As it turns out, Season 4 was Bush’s last with Chicago P.D. and NBC.

At this point, what Sophia Bush shared is all she is willing to give at this point in time. There was some acknowledgment that more happened, though an elaboration may never come. Bush was rumored to have had issues with a Chicago P.D. co-star, though there was no mention of that with the details she recently shared. A romance was also there with Jesse Lee Soffer, though a mention of how that affected her was not addressed either.

Despite Chicago P.D. being Sophia Bush’s dream job, there were reasons she had to walk away. It isn’t the same without Erin Lindsay, but the show has moved on. Bush has some upcoming projects, and fans are excited to see what 2018 will bring for her.