Chris Jericho Calls Impact Wrestling A ‘Dead Company’

Impact Wrestling

Chris Jericho has been making a lot of news since his WWE contract expired. While Jericho said that he would never wrestle with anyone outside of the WWE, he changed course and chose to fight for New Japan at their upcoming Wrestle Kingdom event in January 2018 against Kenny Omega. Chris also has a rock and wrestling cruise later in 2018 with stars from Ring of Honor. Now, there is news that Jericho called Impact Wrestling recently, but it wasn’t what some fans assumed. Instead, IWNerd reported that Chris Jericho was calling some old friends to give them some advice.

Chris Jericho Calls Impact Wrestling A Dead Company

Chris Jericho has known Don Callis for 25 years, and the New Japan wrestling announcer took part in the Chris Jericho angle with Kenny Omega. Callis took a Y2J Code Breaker, which caused a storyline injury requiring him to do a stretcher job at the event.

Recently, the news broke that Impact Wrestling restructured their front office and Don Callis joined Scott D’Amore as the Executive Vice Presidents of the company. Both Callis and D’Amore joined Chris Jericho on his Talk is Jericho podcast, and they spoke about what Jericho said when he called Impact Wrestling.


According to Jericho, he called his friends who now had pull in Impact Wrestling and told them that they needed a fresh start and couldn’t just keep doing what the company had done for so long. Jericho said he didn’t mean any slight to the people in the promotion, but he thought the Global Force incarnation of Impact Wrestling proved that it was a “dead company.”

Chris Jericho Gives His Advice To Impact Wrestling

Chris Jericho wasn’t just calling Don Callis to rub in the fact that he saw a dead company when looking at Impact Wrestling. Instead, Jericho wanted to offer his friend some advice. He said nothing was exciting about Global Force and the only way to get things going healthy would be a complete change of direction.

Jericho said he loved it when Billy Corgan was stepping up to the plate and that he felt the Smashing Pumpkins lead singer was a better choice to run the company than Dixie Carter at the time. Chris said that it was someone new and that was important.

Chris Jericho then said that he thinks Impact Wrestling might be on the right path now, with the promotions of Scott D’Amore and Don Callis. He said that these are the men that can lead Impact Wrestling to success in the future because they can turn the promotion into something different and new.