Track Palin, Son Of Sarah Palin, Is Behind Bars For Assaulting Father Todd Palin

More information is now available about the arrest of Sarah Palin's son, Track Palin, 28, who has been arrested for domestic violence and breaking and entering into the Palin home in Wasilla, Alaska for the second time in less than two years. But this time, Track Palin is not charged with assaulting his wife or girlfriend, but rather his father, Todd Palin, who was left beaten and bloody.

The Anchorage Daily News has broken the story that it was Sarah Palin who called the police on her son, Track Palin, after Track repeatedly hit his father Todd Palin, and the elder Palins were not about to get control of the situation. The Wasilla Police were called at 8:30 p.m. after Sarah Palin told them that her son, Track Palin, was "freaking out and was on some type of medication."

Track Palin First Threatened His Father Todd Palin Over The Phone

Track Palin allegedly wanted to borrow a truck from his parents and told them by phone that he was coming over to get it. Todd Palin, Track Palin's father, told him not to come to the house because he [Track Palin] had been drinking and taking pain medication. Track Palin explained that he was coming anyway according to Wasilla Officer Adam LaPointe.
"Track told him he was (going to) come anyway to beat his a**."
According to the affidavit, Todd Palin got a gun (reportedly a pistol) and met his son at the door, but Track Palin broke a window and entered the home anyway, dropping his father and hitting him in the head several times.
KTUU says that Wasilla police explained that Todd Palin was able to get away from Track Palin and escape the home, climbing into his truck and pulling down the driveway. Officer Adam LaPointe said that Todd Palin was observed driving down his driveway bleeding from the face and head.

The Wasilla officers reported that when they entered the Palin home, Track Palin yelled at them, and was behaving in a hostile manner.

Officer Adam LaPointe said that Track Palin was "yelling and calling myself and other officers 'peasants.'" At that point, Track Palin climbed onto the roof of the Palin home from the inside of the house.

"He moved around in a strange manner and assumed a prone position just behind the roofline (sic)."
Officer Adam LaPointe said that Track Palin then came back into the house and was placed under arrest with no additional drama a few minutes later.
The Daily Mail confirmed that it was former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin who called the police on her son, Track. Considering that the victim is Todd Palin explains why Track Palin has not been bailed out at this time, as he remains in a detention facility.

Officer Adam LaPointe said that after he was able to put handcuffs on Track Palin, he was told at least some of Track Palin's side of the story, including an admission that he had been drinking "several beers" when he drove over to the home of his parents after an argument over the phone with father Todd Palin.

"Track stated he had a disagreement and that there had been threats made between them. Track stated that he then drove over to Todd's house and when he arrived Todd had a gun in his hand."
LaPointe said that Track Palin told his father Todd several times to shoot him. Officer Andrew Kappler confirmed that Track Palin was legally intoxicated during the event and when he drove over to the home of Sarah and Todd Palin. Track Palin's BAC was 0.189 and that he "smelled strongly of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes."

Track Palin was arraigned yesterday, and his next hearing is reportedly December 27. Palin remains behind bars.