Jana Duggar Doomed To Be Josh Duggar’s Cinderella Sister Forever? Shocking Duggars Fans’ Theories Go Viral

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Jana Duggar has earned the nickname of the Duggar family’s Cinderella sister for a reason. Raised by their parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who turned their family into fortune with the show 19 Kids And Counting, many of Jana’s sisters have gradually gotten to the point where they achieved what some think is a Duggar girl’s ultimate dream: courtship, marriage, and kids. But Jana is portrayed on Counting On (the spin-off to 19 Kids) as stuck at home, the faithful Cinderella who obeys orders and cares for others.

The Duggar family’s new show, Counting On, hasn’t quite made it to the level of another family’s reality TV, and since Kris Jenner doesn’t seem to have the desire to coach Jim Bob and Michelle on how to re-create Keeping Up With the Kardashians, most think that Counting On will eventually be counted out. But whether ratings rise or fall, fans seem fixated on figuring out what the future holds for the most infamous member of the family, Josh Duggar, and his less famous sisters, particularly stay-at-home Jana.

Why Has Jana Become Cinderella Duggar?

On December 16, Life & Style gathered up all the wildest fan theories about the Cinderella sister and put them together, along with pointing out the expectations for Jana that have given her the Cinderella title. The differences between still-single Jana as she nears age 30 and her sisters are particularly striking when compared with Joy-Anna.

“Because she’s a Duggar, [27-year-old Jana is] expected to be engaged by now. Joy-Anna Duggar, 20, was courted, engaged, married, and pregnant all within 2017.”

Fans believe that Michelle and Jim Bob have established a goal of getting all their daughters married and out of the house as soon as possible. That makes Jana the baffling exception. So fans have come up with some theories about why Jim Bob and Michelle aren’t pushing Jana to join her sisters, with one involving Josh Duggar and the child molestation allegations.

Jana Duggar Shares Room With Little Sisters: Forced To Be Unpaid Nanny?

Jana reportedly shares a room with her little sisters. Those youngsters aren’t even teenagers, making them in need of a babysitter. Some fans think that the convenience of having Jana as a built-in nanny is causing the Duggar family to encourage her to stay at home rather than get involved in a courtship, engagement, marriage, and babies.

One popular theory claims that Jana is being forced by Michelle to participate in the “buddy” system, where big sisters take care of the little ones. She’s had more than her share of diapers to change, leading to the most popular fan theory of all, according to Life & Style.

“Out of all the theories, the most popular one is that [Jana Duggar is] being held ‘hostage’ by her family.”

Fans speculate that either Jana volunteered or Jim Bob and Michelle chose her to be the stay-at-home, Cinderella sister, a prisoner for as long as they have little children in the house.

Jana Duggar Secretly Single Mother Or Deliberately Delaying Pregnancy?

But the fan theories don’t end with portraying Jana as the Cinderella of the Duggar family. Some suspect that she’s actually a single mother, staying at home while Michelle pretends to be the mother of one child. But in contrast to fans who believe that Jana is an unwed mom, other fans think that she fears getting married and having babies or is plotting to delay following in her married sisters’ footsteps so that she can hold off on getting pregnant.

“Jana is intentionally delaying getting married until her 30s so that she has fewer kids.”

That theory, however, clashes with yet another theory, and it’s a heartbreaking one, involving the aftermath of Josh Duggar.

Has Josh Duggar’s Legacy Caused Jana To Try To Protect Her Younger Sisters?

The allegations about Jana’s older brother Josh Duggar regarding child molestation continue to result in rumors about the environment in Michelle and Jim Bob’s home. With that, there has been concern about their controversial parenting, as well as questions about what happens when Josh visits his younger siblings.

“There have been a lot of rumors about Jim Bob and Michelle’s parenting methods, from alleged child abuse to the controversial ‘blanket’ training. Add in the horrific crimes committed by older brother Josh.”

Consequently, some fans think that Jana has made the decision to watch over her little sisters, sacrificing herself to protect them because she loves them too much to leave them.

Josh Duggar's sister Jana Duggar is still single at 27, staying at home and leading some to speculate that she's protecting her younger sisters in the wake of Josh's child molestation allegations.
Josh Duggar's sister Jana Duggar is still single at 27, staying at home and leading some to speculate that she's protecting her younger sisters in the wake of Josh's child molestation allegations.Featured image credit: Danny JohnstonAP Images

Fans Speculate That Jana Duggar Is Gay Or Dependent On Twin

Jana has a twin, John-David, so some fans believe that the twin bond is so strong that she’s waiting until he gets married. And that wait could be considerable because John-David once announced that he would be a “bachelor until the rapture.”

But the fan theories don’t stop there. Some fans believe that Jana is gay. The Duggars are known for their strong views on the LGBT community, which would cause her to hide the truth from her parents, according to this fan theory.

“Because of the family’s strict religion, and their stance on homosexuality, many fans have a theory that Jana’s perpetual state of singledom is because she’s secretly gay.”

Some of Jana “Cinderella” Duggar’s fans think that her reason for delaying marriage has to do with the family’s show, famous for turning marriages into on-camera affairs. These fans believe that Jana is shy and wants to avoid having her special day filmed.

But others contend that despite being raised by Jim Bob and Michelle, Jana just does not want to get married. The single Duggar sister is famous for her garden, reportedly enjoying working outside. And despite having that role as built-in babysitter, these fans think that Jana is content in keeping her Cinderella status forever.