‘The Crown’ Season 2 Showed Princess Margaret As ‘The Royal Rebel’

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Netflix The Crown Season 2 gave viewers the first glimpse at Princess Margaret as a party girl or the “Royal Rebel” as she was called. While Princess Margaret’s sister, Queen Elizabeth, always puts the crown first, Princess Margaret pushed the limits throughout her life, and those who watched The Crown season 2 have just gotten a taste of Princess Margaret and her wild ways. It is safe to say that Princess Margaret never truly suffered in silence, as she often was known to voice her displeasure at having to do her Royal duties.

The event that really ignited the rebellion of Princess Margaret was when her sister, Queen Elizabeth told Princess Margaret that she would need to give up her Royal lifestyle in order to marry her first love, Peter Townsend. Like her Uncle David, who abdicated to marry the twice-divorced Wallis Warfield Simpson of Baltimore, Princess Margaret would have to move to one of the British outposts and live on a smaller allowance than if she stayed and married someone “suitable.”

A Failed Relationship Launched Princess Margaret’s ‘Royal Rebellion’

Queen Elizabeth did go to bat for Princess Margaret, but between the Church of England and her Ministers, nobody wanted it to look like Princess Margaret was getting special treatment from the head of the church, Queen Elizabeth.

“Princess Margaret told her sister, the Queen, that she wanted to marry the airman. Soon afterward, Elizabeth II began to sound out her ministers on the possibility of amending the Regency Act in such a way as to ease the restrictions on Margaret’s marriage.”

Antony Armstrong-Jones Helped Princess Margaret Find Her Inner Rebel

The Crown season 2 showed that when Princess Margaret met Antony Armstrong-Jones, her future husband, she walked through the door to explore her wild side, thus being known in the press as the “Royal Rebel,” says Vanity Fair. According to stories of Princess Margaret, The Crown Season 2 got it right in the scene where she meets her future husband at a party where nobody cares that she is Princess Margaret.

Princess Margaret was notoriously rude, often delivering one-liners and walking away from people, in one of her biographies, a story was told about Princess Margaret and her “commitment” to drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes.

“[Princess Margaret] tried to combine the smoking and drinking by gluing matchboxes onto tumblers, so she could strike matches while drinking.”

Actor Rupert Everett says he was asked once and only once to escort Princess Margaret to the theater where he says he committed a number of social faux pas including a failure to light the cigarette of Princess Margaret before she asked. Everett said that it was obvious that Princess Margaret didn’t know that he was gay.

“She was like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. She had huge black hair, the Hanoverian bosom, and her breasts rattled like castanets—I don’t know what was going on. She had cigarettes about this long,” Everett said, gesturing about two feet in front of him. “When we were getting in the car, she said, ‘Hey, you’ve got marvelous legs.’ And then she called me Leggy all night. ‘Leggy, do you mind if I grab you at the end of the second act?'”

In Her Later Years, Princess Margaret Was Called A Spoiled Brat

Princess Margaret was known early on as a karaoke queen, often grabbing the microphone and breaking into song at parties. Sources say that at one party hosted by Lady Rothermere, Princess Margaret started singing Cole Porter songs, singing and dancing in a suggestive manner. Suddenly, someone started booing and the room went silent.

“The culprit was the painter Francis Bacon, blind drunk as usual. ‘Her singing really was too awful,’ he afterward said. ‘Someone had to stop her.'”


Rumors Of Princess Margaret And Cheating Made The Rounds

But while Princess Margaret certainly seemed wild in The Crown Season 2 in comparison to her sister, Queen Elizabeth, fans should buckle up for The Crown Season 3 because Princess Margaret will earn the title the “Royal Rebel” when, after the birth of her second child, her marriage is on the rocks, says Refinery29.

Rumors tied Princess Margaret to Mick Jagger, Peter Sellers, and other notables while she was still married to Lord Snowdon (Antony Armstrong-Jones). But Princess Margaret also carried on a public affair for nearly a decade with Roddy Llewellyn, a brewery trainee and “sometimes gardener” who was seventeen years younger than Princess Margaret.