Amber Tamblyn Calls Out Rose McGowan For ‘Shaming’ Women Of Hollywood Looking To Protest Wearing Black

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Over the weekend, a planned protest by Hollywood women going to the Golden Globes was revealed, and it seems that women who wear all black to the ceremony will be protesting not only sexual harassment but also all forms of sexual misconduct. However, one actress made her thoughts on the silent protest quite clear, as Rose McGowan took to Twitter to condemn the silence as being part of the problem. While McGowan took issue with the manner of protest that these women are looking to take part in because of the silent aspect of the protest, Amber Tamblyn seemed to take issue with what the other actress had to say in general.

In a series of tweets from Tamblyn, she calls out McGowan for apparently “shaming” the women who are attempting to start a movement in order to bring about change. Amber Tamblyn starts off her message by pointing out that Rose McGowan is one of her friends and she fully supports “her kind of movement” before saying that she feels as if her friend is attempting to shame others who are going about their own protests in a different way. Tamblyn then calls out McGowan for “telling us to all wear Marchesa” by letting her know that “this is beneath you, Rose.”

Amber Tamblyn continued her Twitter message by letting Rose McGowan know that there are plenty of people who support and stand with her, even if she chooses not to stand with them. Tamblyn said that this is a bigger movement than just about wearing a black dress and instead believes that this “is just the beginning of the darkness that will be drained from every industry across the country by the time we’re done.”

While Amber Tamblyn may have been calling out Rose McGowan for seemingly not appreciating the apparent support from other women in Hollywood, according to People Magazine, Holly Marie Combs, who starred with McGowan on Charmed, responded to the series of tweets by pointing out what she believes is wrong with the actress taking her complaint to Twitter. In her own response to Tamblyn, Combs criticized the actress for choosing to publicly address McGowan, rather than talking to her in private.

Holly Marie Combs told Amber Tamblyn that “you just did to @rosemcgowan what you claim you don’t support her doing to others.” The actress pointed out that every activist has a different way of expressing their message, even as they share that common thread of what the message is, and she believes that it needs to remain “undiluted above all else.”

Although Amber Tamblyn may not have liked what Rose McGowan had to say about the planned Golden Globes protest, it does seem as if she is in support of the actress and her movement against sexual harassment and misconduct. As she said in response to Combs’ message to her, the reason she chose to be so public in terms of her feelings on McGowan’s apparent “shaming” of others is because “her statement was public and hurtful to some women.” While Amber Tamblyn may have been addressing Rose McGowan with her tweets, it seems that her message was also meant for a much broader audience, and she hoped to offer support to all those who are looking to make a change.