Burglars Confuse KFC For Jewelry Store

Most burglaries usually strike people and businesses with a lot of money, and these burglars apparently thought they were doing that with a jewelry store … probably until they smelled fried chicken.

Somebody took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, er, the deep fryer. Crooks in Australia found themselves in an unusual spot when they attempted to tunnel into a jewelry store but ended up in a KFC restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

Fortunately nobody was hurt. When they saw where they were, Peter Welsh and Dwayne Doolan held up the customers. They looted about $2,700, but they didn’t escape for long. Welsh and Doolan were arrested shortly after.

I’m guessing Welsh and Doolan tried to tunnel back out? I jest.

According to Yahoo News, the pair “smashed their way through a wall in a communal toilet block tunnel, hoping to enter Wrights Jewellers.” Instead, they found themselves surfacing in a land of herbs and spices.

This was not their first attempt to break into the jewelry store. Before the KFC fiasco, the pair broke into an Animal Welfare League Opportunity Shop, where they stole about $50 from a charity plate.

I wish I was making this up.

Earlier that evening, Welsh and Doolan had flung spark plugs at the jewelry store window, thinking they could break the glass, says News.com. It didn’t work.

Welsh and Doolan break into KFC by mistake

When police confronted Welsh, he made a “full and frank” confession. He is charged with armed robbery, stealing, burglary and attempted burglary. Doolan, his partner in crime, was charted with robbery and stealing.

Somehow I don’t think the police who heard the confession could keep a straight face.

Both men will return to court on March 5.