Kim Jonghyun RIP Tributes Pour Into Twitter, Instagram, And Facebook After 27-Year-Old’s Shocking Death

Chung Sung-JunGetty Images

Kim Jonghyun sang like an angel, but now RIP tributes to the former lead singer of the famous South Korean pop group SHINee claim that Jonghyun is singing with the angels in heaven. He was so popular that the 27-year-old was known simply as Jonghyun, as reported by Variety. The pop star’s sudden and shocking death is causing confusion and sending mixed messages on social media. Reports that Jonghyun committed suicide after being found in an unconscious state in a rented Seoul apartment are flooding the world wide web.

According to Us Weekly, Kim was transported to the hospital after being discovered at approximately 6:10 p.m. on Monday, December 18, in Cheongdam-dong. Jonghyun suffered a cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead while at the hospital. Even though authorities have reported Kim’s death, as reported by the Yonhap News Agency, that hasn’t stopped confusing reports like those listed below from appearing on Twitter, claiming that Jonghyun’s heart began beating again and that Kim is still in ICU.

Those claims are being called fake as others begin to mourn Jonghyun’s shocking death by publishing their RIP wishes online. The hashtag has been circulating, as some fans don’t believe he’s dead or aren’t clear about Kim’s status. The cause of death has not been officially revealed, although it is suspected that Kim might have committed suicide via carbon monoxide poisoning. His sister first contacted emergency personnel at 4:42 p.m. after getting a text message of his “last goodbye” to his sibling.

“I’ve had a hard time. Please let me go and say that I did a good job. This is my last goodbye.”

Charcoal briquettes were found burning in the apartment, which has led to the belief that Kim’s death may have been attributed to charcoal-burning suicide whereby charcoal is burned within a closed room, creating poisonous fumes.

On Facebook, tributes are pouring in for Jonghyun, with fans expressing their love of the singer and wondering if mental illness played a role in his untimely death. Social media is being used as the vehicle to reminisce over Kim’s talents, beauty and persona.


On Instagram, the hashtag #jonghyun enjoys more than 1.5 million posts.