Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Pose With Tiny Tim Actress, Fans Swear She Could Be Their Daughter

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have managed yet again to get fans talking about their future kids, but they were just trying to praise a young thespian for her performance in a holiday play. They were so starstruck by the 8-year-old actress that they asked her to pose for a photo with them, and now all the Counting On stars’ fans can talk about is how much the little girl resembles them.

On Saturday, Jinger Duggar shared an Instagram photo that was taken after she and Jeremy Vuolo took in a production of A Christmas Carol at the Wyly Theatre in Dallas, Texas. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jeremy had purchased tickets to the event as an early 24th birthday present for Jinger. Because of the date that he chose to take his wife to see the stage adaptation of Charles Dickens’ beloved Christmas story, Jinger had to miss the wedding of family friend Tori Bates. She was the only Duggar who wasn’t present at the event, according to People.

Friday Night Lights star Brad Leland starred as Ebenezer Scrooge in the Dallas Theater Center’s production of A Christmas Carol, but Jinger Duggar and her husband were most impressed by the performance of the young girl who played Tiny Tim.

“Tiny Tim—the star of tonight’s show!!!” Jinger captioned a photo of herself and Jeremy posing with the actress in front of a Christmas tree.

According to the Dallas Theater Center website, the talented young star is a third grader named Nina Ruby Gameros. She also played the Ghost of Christmas Future in A Christmas Carol, and she’s such a versatile actress that she was cast as Grandma Georgina in an adaptation of Willy Wonka Jr. However, in the eyes of Jinger Duggar’s Instagram followers, the performer’s talent was overshadowed by her appearance; they just couldn’t believe how much the little girl resembles Jinger and Jeremy. Most of them also mistook Nina for a little boy because she was still wearing her Tiny Tim costume.

“The boy looks just like you two,” wrote one fan.

“I feel like your kids will look just like him!!” another commented.

Multiple fans also shared the opinion that the actress looks just like a young Jinger Duggar. You can check out one of the Counting On star’s childhood photos below to see if you agree (she’s pictured second from the left).

Many Duggar fans are desperate for Jinger and Jeremy to have a baby, and the Tiny Tim photo got them buzzing about the couple’s future family plans.

“Maybe soon you’ll be blessed with a little one,” remarked one fan.

“I assumed this was a child they adopted, but then I read the caption haha,” another wrote.

This isn’t the first time one of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s photos has sparked a conversation about their future kids. As reported by CafeMom, some fans believed that Jinger was looking through old childhood pictures of Jeremy and trying to imagine what her future children would look like when she shared the image below on Instagram.

There was even talk that Jinger Duggar was pregnant at the time. However, it’s been almost seven months since she shared the photo of Jeremy Vuolo as a kid, and she still hasn’t made a pregnancy announcement.