Jazz Jennings Caught Buying Drugs After Being Trashed By Former ‘Counting On’ Star Derick Dillard?

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Cameras recently caught transgender teen Jazz Jennings buying what appears to be marijuana while riding her bike in her hometown of Coral Springs, Florida. Witnesses watched as the I Am Jazz star parked her bike next to a car at Poinciana Park and walked over to an unidentified man, and in just a few seconds he dropped something in her purse while she handed him money via a mysterious handshake. Did the 17-year-old just get caught buying drugs?

Inside The Mysterious Transaction

It’s not clear what exactly she bought, but if it was marijuana, that is an illegal act in the state of Florida, not to mention the fact that she is underage.

Coral Springs Police Department’s Public Information Officer Tyler Reik told Radar Online that cannabis is the most common drug in the area.

“People carry small amounts. People tend to carry that more often since it’s legal in some states. But it is not legal here. Any amount of marijuana is illegal. Any amount can be a citation or arrest,” said Reik.

Florida law states that anything under 20 grams is a misdemeanor and will usually result in a citation or diversion program. However, any amount between 1 and 150 grams can be an arrestable offense on a case-by-case basis.

Jazz Jennings Has Been Open About Depression

Doctors diagnosed Jennings with gender identity disorder before she transitioned from male to female. She has been open about her battles with depression, saying life is worth living but filled with challenges.

Many people do choose to self-medicate with strains of cannabis that are known to improve mood. Unfortunately for Jennings, she is in the wrong state and too young to do so legally.

Jennings revealed in her book Being Jazz: My Life as a Transgender Teen that she fell into a deep depression when she was in the sixth grade. She wrote that she stopped talking to her friends and would bang her head into walls.

Being Bullied By Derick Dillard

She has also been the recent bully victim of fellow TLC star Derick Dillard, who has taken to social media over the last few months to make transphobic comments about the teenager. As a result, the network fired the father of two, and he will not be returning to Counting On.

Dillard claims that TLC did not fire him, but instead he quit. According to the Hollywood Gossip, he recently tweeted that he decided it was best for his family for them to cut ties with the show that helped make him famous.

But, does that mean that his wife won’t be coming back, either? In Touch Weekly is reporting that fans believe he is cheating on Jill Duggar-Dillard because of some recent tweets about adultery.

Jazz Jennings has not addressed Dillard or explained her mysterious interaction.