SHINee’s Jonghyun Reportedly Committed Suicide, Gangnam Police Confirmed Singer’s Death

Chung Sung-JunGetty Images

On December 18, news broke that the sister of SHINee’s frontman Jonghyun filed a report to Gangnam Police after receiving an alarming text message from her brother. The police found the singer in a serviced residence in Chungdam where he apparently tried to commit suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gangnam Police issued a statement on the same date, confirming reports of Jonghyun’s suicide. The singer’s sister asked for assistance from the police after receiving an alarming text from Jonghyun.

“It’s been really hard for me until now. Please let me go, and tell me I’ve worked hard, last goodbye.”

Jonghyun’s sister filed the report at 4:42 p.m. According to her, Jonghyun was about to commit suicide. This prompted the authorities to take action and pay a visit to the serviced residence he checked in two nights prior to the incident. According to the report by Koreaboo, the police found burning brown coal briquettes inside a frying pan.

According to reports, the actor was discovered at 6 p.m. He was reportedly rushed to Konkuk University Hospital when the authorities found him unconscious due to cardiac arrest. He reportedly died on the way to the hospital.

Gangnam Police confirmed Jonghyun’s death to the public. According to the authorities, they already confirmed the singer’s death although they can’t find the officer dispatched to the scene. They are currently investigating the scene, and they can’t release specific details as of the moment. Although reports suggest Jonghyun committed suicide, the police report is yet to confirm this.

After the police confirmed the singer’s death, there has been a lot of reaction from netizens and SHINee’s fans. The boy band SHINee is one of the hottest k-pop groups, and they were nicknamed Princes of K-Pop. Just this year, the group released their fifth album in Japan, and they were on tour until April.


While the singer had some posts on social media, which might have been a clue on the struggles he was dealing with, his passing remains to be a sad affair. Just a day ago, the teaser for JTBC’s reality show Night Goblins teased the appearance of Jonghyun and his SHINee bandmate Minho on next week’s episode. According to Soompi, the episode is set to air on Sunday, 6:30 p.m. This show will most likely be Kim Jonghyun’s final tv appearance.