LeBron Wears 1 Black And 1 White ‘Equality’ Shoes, Tells Trump U.S. Is A Country Where ‘Equal Rights’ Thrive

Nick WassAP Photo

NBA Basketball star Lebron James has been using sports as a platform to speak up on issues near to his heart. LeBron is the kind of athlete who is socially aware and has made comments in the past regarding police violence and race issues in the United States.

LeBron took it a notch higher in his socially relevant stances. This time against the most powerful person in the United States: President Donald Trump.

During Sunday’s game against Washington Wizards, LeBron wore one white and one black shoes with the word “EQUALITY” stitched on the back. It’s as if the basketball star is staging a demonstration which promotes equality as the game was played in the nation’s capital where Donald Trump serves as head of state in the White House nearby.

LeBron seemingly sent a message against Trump, who had been creating division and inflaming racial tensions in the country.

When asked about his choice of footwear for the first half of his team’s 106-99 victory, LeBron noted that the United States is a beautiful country and it is not supposed to let one person dictate how beautiful and how powerful America is.

The four-time NBA MVP continued by saying that equal rights are important in a country like the United States. He added that it is also important being able to stand for something and speak for something and keeping the conversation going.


“Obviously we all know where we are right now, and we know who is at the helm here. Us as Americans, no matter the skin color, no matter the race, no matter who you are, I think we all have to understand that having equal rights and being able to stand for something and speak for something and keeping the conversation going.”

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“Obviously I’ve been very outspoken and well spoken about the situation that’s going on at the helm here, and we’re not going to let one person dictate us, us as Americans, how beautiful and how powerful we are as a people. Equality is all about understanding our rights, understanding what we stand for and how powerful we are as men and women, black or white or Hispanic.”

The basketball star, however, changed into other sneakers during halftime, and jokingly said that the shoes might have a “superstitious” effect on his performance. LeBron finished the game with 20 points, 15 assists, and 12 rebounds.

“I didn’t play well in the first half, and I’m very superstitious, so I took ’em off. I didn’t play well in the second half, either, so if there was a third half, I would have took those off.”

LeBron, earlier this year, called Trump a “bum” on Twitter and also said at Cleveland’s preseason media day that Trump doesn’t understand that many kids look up to the president of the country.

“He doesn’t understand how many kids, no matter the race, look up to the president of the United State for guidance, for leadership, for words of encouragement. He doesn’t understand that, and that’s what makes me more sick than anything.”

Sports is surely a great platform to advance one’s advocacy, may it be about politics or any other issues. LeBron, surely, has been using this platform correctly and has been making an impact through and through.