Dog With A Bear Face Refuses Help, What Is This Mysterious Canine?


A dog that looks like a bear in the face is refusing help, much to the dismay of an animal shelter. The animal has a dog’s body, but the face and snout of a bear – something that has baffled many people in the area where it was found.

The mysterious canine was discovered living on the streets in Russia, Daily Mail reported. Locals say they’ve “never seen anything like it before.” The dog has an uncanny resemblance to a black bear in its face.

The bear-faced dog was taken to an animal shelter in Chelyabinsk in south central Russia’s Cheliabinsk Oblast region. Veterinarians who examined the dog estimate the male canine to be around four-years-old. Nash Dom animal shelter released photos of the stray, which were posted to its social media platform that’s similar to Facebook. The hope would be for the dog’s owner or breeder to come forward.

Veterinarians also conclude that the dog with a bear face is likely a cross between a long-nosed stray and a Chow Chow. The animal has a blue tongue, a distinctive characteristic of the Chow Chow, a breed that originates from northern China. Despite being a partial member of this breed, shelter volunteer, Polina Kefer, says the bear-faced animal is a “badly made Chow Chow.” She tells the Siberian Times that it’s like the pet markets accepting dogs from breeders who claim their animals are a purebred. Once the puppies mature into something like this poor dog, they’re discarded like a “broken toy.”

The bear-like dog isn’t approachable, Kefer says. He’s in “serious stress” and “fights back” when people try to socialize with him. The shelter even tried homing the dog with a family, but he tried several escape attempts and showed no interest in making friends. He also hated the leash. Unfortunately, the dog is the result of “cruel breeding,” according to the animal shelter.

“We tried our best foods on him, but the dog is clearly so stressed that it might take weeks, if not months, to help him trust people again,” another volunteer shares.

The stressed dog that strangely looks like a bear is currently known as “Igor.” He’s suffering from extreme stress due to how he was treated being abandoned the way he was. An extremely patient and experienced person with difficult dogs will be required to help out Igor.