SHINee’s Jonghyun Dead At 27: Fans Fear Another K-pop Star Might Follow Singer’s Tragic Death

Kin CheungAP Images

Jonghyun’s shocking death has not only rocked the K-pop world, but the rest of the world as well. The SHINee singer’s tragic passing has definitely left an impact to other K-pop idols as they started showing their disbelief on social media. However, one star’s message worried a lot of fans because it seemingly hinted that she might follow the late singer’s footsteps.

In his suicide note that his friend Dear Cloud’s Nine9 released, Kim Jong-hyun, better known by the mononym Jonghyun, revealed that he has been suffering from depression. One must be confused as to how a person with the SHINee singer’s fame and fortune will be depressed, but he revealed in his letter that he has been struggling with this problem for a long time.

Jonghyun’s untimely death is reminding everyone the ugly side of being rich and famous. A part of his note read: “Clashing with the world was never meant for me. The life of fame was never meant for me. That’s all the reason why it hurts. Because I’m famous.”

After Jonghyun’s suicide letter was made public, celebrities and fans started to pour out their love for the SHINee star. Koreaboo has translated most of the messages and one particular note grabbed fans’ attention.

In a lengthy message, Han Seo Hee, who was involved with BIGBANG star T.O.P’s marijuana scandal, shared how Jonghyun became her shoulder to lean on during her toughest time. She then started to blame herself for not being there for the SHINee singer when he was struggling with something big.

The controversial star then said that she can’t understand why Jonghyun kept scolding her when she shared with him that she wanted to die, but in the end, he was the one who did it.

Before ending her note, Han Seo Hee wrote, “This whole situation is terrible… I miss you oppa.. I’ll come see you soon. I will come quietly so it doesn’t cause you harm… I’ll see you soon.. it must be cold.. just wait a little bit oppa.”

Han Seo Hee’s message started to worry fans and pointed out that someone must check up on her. One fan said, “That Han Seo Hee’s last few sentences were alarming. It seemed to me that she would commit the same thing Jonghyun did. I don’t know, that’s how I felt when I read it. Look after her.” Another one agreed and said, “I thought I’m the only one that noticed. I hope people around her sensing her cry for help and help her.”

The comment garnered more than 500 likes and counting.