‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Shares Before And After Photo, Audrey And Jeremy Share A Kiss

The Little People, Big World family loves to share their lives with their fans. Tori and Audrey Roloff, wives of Zach and Jeremy, respectively, have been active sharing stuff on social media especially after marrying into the Roloff family and having families of their own.

Tori Roloff recently shared an adorable before and after photo, which included herself, sister-in-law Tori, and a couple of their female friends. The “before” photo is of the four women holding their baby bumps. The “after” photo shows the same four women, in the same arrangement, but this time, carrying their respective babies. Incidentally, the ladies are arranged left to right according to their children’s age, from oldest to youngest.

The “after” photo is made even more adorable by the fact that all four mothers and their children are wearing cute Christmas outfits. Tori and baby Jackson are wearing red and white striped pajamas. Audrey and Ember Jean, meanwhile, are dressed up in their red and white reindeer-themed wardrobe, which they wore for their Christmas card, as another Inquisitr article reported.

“What a difference a year makes,” Tori wrote on her post. “So thankful to be walking through this season of life with three of my best friends!”

Interestingly, a few fans pointed out that the first photo shows the four pregnant women all dressed casually with their hair down while they’re all dressed in pajamas and have their hair pulled up in buns or ponytails in the “after” photo. The fans recognized the changes that every woman goes through with motherhood through the set of photos.

Zach also shared a photo of Jackson with his “great pal” Rowen, taken on the same day as Tori’s “after” photo. Rowen is the son of Zach’s friend, Jacob “Mules” Mueller, and his wife, Destiney. He was born on Tori and Zach’s second wedding anniversary.

A couple of months later and they are still great pals!

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Audrey also posted a photo on social media, this time of herself sharing an intimate moment with her husband, Jeremy. Audrey and Jeremy are sharing a kiss as they stand beside their Christmas tree.

“Who needs mistletoe,” Audrey said. “We don’t need an excuse to kiss.”

Fans agreed with Audrey that couples don’t need any excuse to show their affection for each other.

“Extreme true,” said one fan. “My boyfriend and I been together for 5 years but getting closer to 6 years in springtime. We would find ‘a way to kiss’, like a good luck kiss, miss your soft lips kiss, haven’t kiss for long time way.”

Others fans commended Audrey for her figure. The Little People, Big World star is wearing a black ensemble which slightly shows how slim she is considering she gave birth to Ember Jean a few months ago.

“What do you eat to stay slim,” asked one fan. “I mean you look perfect, especially after having Ember.”

“Did you really just have a baby,” asked another. “You look awesome!”

Funnily enough, as Audrey and Jeremy were locking lips, their pet cat, Pine, is on the couch eagerly watching the Roloff couple.