The ‘Last Tango In Halifax’ Holiday Special Starts Tonight, But Is The Series Done?


When PBS and Netflix viewers last saw the cast of Last Tango In Halifax, everyone was at a big wedding for Gillian and Robbie at the end of Season 3. But while Last Tango In Halifax fans were hoping for a fourth season of the popular show, for now, they will have to be satisfied with a two-part Last Tango In Halifax holiday special which will air tonight on PBS (there is no word yet when and if the Last Tango In Halifax holiday special will stream on Netflix). The Last Tango In Halifax holiday special picks up two years after fans last saw the cast at the big wedding.

Last Tango In Halifax Is Continuing The Holiday Episode Tradition

In the U.K., many popular shows like Last Tango In Halifax play their holiday and Christmas specials on Christmas day, and Last Tango In Halifax showed tonight’s holiday special on Christmas day last year (but this is the first showing in the United States on PBS).

But Downton Abbey, one of the most popular series ever on PBS, had a Christmas special go very wrong one year when Matthew Crawley, played by Dan Stevens, was killed off on Christmas Day in the U.K. Years later, Dan Stevens says he is still apologizing to fans.

“The way Matthew went was out of my hands – but it was rather shocking. There were some very upset people and I’ve had to apologize to a lot of people over the past four years. But I take it as a compliment that Matthew was so loved on the show.”


Where Fans Last Left The Last Tango In Halifax Cast

Last Tango In Halifax is the story of childhood sweethearts who meet up again as senior citizens thanks to their grandchildren, who help them connect again on Facebook. Alan Buttershaw (Derek Jacobi) and Celia Dawson (Anne Reid) each have a daughter from their first marriage and both main families on Last Tango In Halifax have more than their share of drama.

WETA explains that the Last Tango In Halifax holiday special picks back up two years after the wedding of Gillian and Robbie, and while some things change, a familiar form of drama is still ever-present. Gillian (Nicola Walker) continues to fight old demons from her first marriage, while Caroline’s (Sarah Lancashire) life has gone through several changes since her wife’s death, including a big move and a new job.

In the lives of Alan and Celia Buttershaw, the main characters on Last Tango, Celia has taken a role in a local theater production which will once again bring the entire cast together.


Is There Hope for A Last Tango In Halifax Season 4?

Last Tango In Halifax series lead Derek Jacobi was asked by Radio Times if he thought that there would be a Season 4 of the fan favorite Last Tango In Halifax.

“No, I’m afraid it’s not. We did a Christmas special last Christmas, which we thought was the beginning of another series, but no.”

Jacobi explained that writer Sally Wainwright is very busy writing for her other projects, like Happy Valley, and Last Tango In Halifax is done.

“She’s written out, she’s writing so many things. She’s a wonderful writer, but she’s got so much work that Tango is finished.”

Jacobi says that he and the rest of the cast are very sad because they all loved it.

But after hearing about Derek Jacobi’s comments, a BBC rep issued a statement from Sall Wainwright that said not so fast, and gave Last Tango In Halifax fans some hope.

“Sally is presently engaged with another BBC project, but has every intention of revisiting Last Tango when she is able to.”