Toyota Unveils Self-Driving Car

Following the example led by Google, Toyota has released a video of its own self-driving car on Friday.

Unlike Google’s car, however, Toyota’s research also utilizes vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, they announced with CNN. What this means is, not only is it aware of its own environment, but it can help make other drivers and other cars aware of it as well. For example, a car could signal vehicles when it stops or turns or when it encounters a slippery road. A traffic light could wirelessly signal its intention to turn red so approaching cars can automatically apply their brakes.

Sound risky? Well, if more of us drove the way we should, such automated renovation would sound ridiculous.

The automaker will also show us a Lexus car with advanced pre-crash safety systems. A number of automakers, including Lexus, already offer systems that can apply brakes and even close windows when sensors detect that a collision is imminent. With this kind of technology, insurance companies could go out of business.

Not to be left behind, German automaker Audi is also expected to announce its own autonomously driven cars at the show. I imagine the automated Audi will look a lot like the Beetle. Eliminating human error, which causes the vast majority of car crashes, autonomous driving technology could greatly reduce traffic deaths on America’s roadways, according to Mashable.

Toyota self-driving car

Even though this technology could be coming to a car in your future, it is still recommended that you stay behind the wheel. Even the most advanced computers can crash, and that’s not something you want to witness firsthand at the wheel.

I hear auto insurance companies weeping already.