Chicago Bulls Reportedly Shopping Nikola Mirotic And Robin Lopez

Are the Chicago Bulls shopping Nikola Mirotic and Robin Lopez? According to one NBA trade rumor, the Bulls are indeed looking to generate interest for two of their top six players.

Bleacher Report is citing that the Chicago Bulls are engaging in exploratory discussions with several NBA teams. The two players mentioned in the story are Mirotic and Lopez. Both of whom the Bulls would trade if they could get a solid return.

Nikola Mirotic has returned to the Chicago Bulls after missing the first 23 games of the season. Mirotic was out after suffering broken bones to his face, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. It stems from an altercation he had with fellow Bulls teammate Bobby Portis.

Amends seems to have been made upon Nikola Mirotic’s return to the Chicago Bulls. They are undefeated in the five games Mirotic has played in. Mirotic and Bobby Portis have been major factors in the Bulls current winning streak.

What has become noticeable is that Nikola Mirotic has averaged 20 points and 6.2 rebounds during the five-game stretch. Mirotic has given the young Chicago Bulls some confidence when closing out games.

The Chicago Bulls have been involved in several close NBA contests. In fact, the Bulls are 4-5 in games decided by five points or fewer. Two of the wins came with Nikola Mirotic on the floor.

Nikola Mirotic drives past Marcus Smart.

Nikola Mirotic may be changing the perception that he is a streaky scorer. If he continues to get to the free throw line and make points off of offensive rebounds, Mirotic’s trade value with the Chicago Bulls will continue to rise.

According to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, Nikola Mirotic may play himself out of Chicago and off the Bulls. The veteran would be helping the Chicago Bulls in creating a dream scenario; a trade generating a valuable asset in return.

The Chicago Bulls seem inclined to trade Nikola Mirotic. And the better he plays, the greater the potential return could be. There is even a possibility that the Bulls could send both Mirotic and starting center Robin Lopez out in the same trade.

Given his skill set as a low post defender and rebounder, Robin Lopez has some NBA trade value. It is unlikely that he alone can net the Chicago Bulls a first round draft pick, however. If Lopez is added in a trade involving Nikola Mirotic, then a first round pick could materialize.

There will be trade partners available for the Chicago Bulls. Possible trade destinations could include the Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, Portland Trail Blazers, and Toronto Raptors.

If Nikola Mirotic continues to play terrific basketball, there could be more landing spots for him on the horizon. It could turn into the Chicago Bulls being able to move Mirotic and Lopez separately.