Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Reveals New Best Pound For Pound Boxer Today

While boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. proved himself to be one of, if not the best, pound-for-pound fighters of all time, he may have found the next fighter to take over. As "Money Mayweather" counts his dollars and starts to enjoy his retirement, there could be a new fighter emerging to take the spotlight. That man is Terence Crawford, who Mayweather recently named as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport today. Is it possible that Terence Crawford will carry the torch into the future and even contend with Mayweather as the best in the business?

As fans saw months ago, Mayweather retired from the sport he became famous in after a non-sanctioned boxing match against mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor. The fight went 10 rounds but was ultimately stopped by knockout due to the referee's decision when McGregor looked like he was unable to go much more. While rumors might persist that Mayweather will fight Conor again, it seems he's more interested in watching the newest talent. One man even reminds him of himself at a younger age. On Sunday, GiveMeSport's Colm Cotter reported that Floyd Mayweather Jr. talked to the Fight Hype website regarding why he believes his newest choice is the best boxer around.

Mayweather calls Terence Crawford new best pound for pound
Floyd Mayweather Jr. says boxer Terence 'Bud' Crawford reminds him of himself at a younger age.

The undefeated boxing legend not only named his top pick for boxing's next big thing but spoke about helping him improve.

"The pound-for-pound top fighter in boxing right now is Terence Crawford.

He doesn't have to be under my company to give a guy props...if he's a free agent, I would love to work with him...I know what I can do to take him to that next level...he reminds me of a young Floyd Mayweather...he can fight his a-- off."

Mayweather's pick Terence "Bud" Crawford was also just named the world's best "pound for pound" boxer by Transnational Rankings Board this month. ESPN has him ranked third overall, while The Ring has him ranked second in the world. He's currently 32-0 in his career with 23 wins by knockout. At one point, he held multiple titles over the past two years including the WBC, IBF, WBO, and unified WBA (Super) titles.

The most recent win on Crawford's resume came back in August when he defeated Julius Indongo via knockout. That fight not only saw him retain his four titles (WBC, WBO, The Ring, and lineal light welterweight), but he also picked up two more in the win (WBA Super and IBF light welterweight).

The fact that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is handpicking Terence Crawford as his heir apparent to the boxing throne is certainly a signal of confidence in this 30-year-old superstar from Omaha, Nebraska. If he can continue his impressive undefeated record, he may soon move into range of Floyd's career total of 50 wins with no losses.