Dog Is Only Survivor Of Plane Crash — Makes His Way Out Of Wreckage To Nearby House

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When responders got to the plane crash site in Indiana on Saturday, all on board the plane had perished, except one dog that had made his way to a nearby house. The folks in the house took him in and cared for the injured dog until a veterinarian was reached.

The plane had departed from Kansas City, Missouri, with a destination of Frederick, Maryland, on Saturday evening. Just before 9 p.m., the plane came down near Oldenburg, which is in Franklyn County, according to Fox News.

Indiana State Police said in a news release that they responded to reports of a plane crash in a wooded area in the 5,000 Block of North Hamburg Road. The Cincinnati Air Traffic Control reported a plane disappearing off their radar screen after it was tracking it in the area, which was the area where the plane went down.

The State Police report that they arrived at the crash site at about 9:10 p.m. where they could see the fire in the heavily wooded area. The fire department was able to extinguish the flames that had engulfed the plane. The plane went down in the woods behind a residence where the only survivor of this crash was able to make his way to that house on his four furry legs.

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Responders at the site found all three people who were on the plane dead, as well as another dog they had along with them on the trip. It is not known at this time what caused the plane to crash and it is not known if the fire started while the plane was in flight or if it ignited on impact.

All three of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The victims’ names were not released pending notification of next of kin. Autopsies will take place Monday on the three plane crash victims. The Federal Aviation Association and the Indiana State Police are working together investigating this plane crash.

The lone survivor, which is the dog, made his way to the nearest residence where the family took him in. The extent of his injuries are not known, but he did get medical care for those injuries from a local vet.