Lala Kent Opens Up About Plastic Surgery, Doesn’t Hold Back

Lala Kent is coming back to Vanderpump Rules and now she is speaking out about plastic surgery. The reality star isn’t holding back at all. In Touch Weekly shared what Lala had to say about the way she feels about her body. Lala gave them an exclusive interview and didn’t hold back at all. She wants to look great and doesn’t care what it takes to get that way.

Lala says that if you don’t like something about your body you should fix it. She admits to using apps to make herself look better and that she loves teeth whitening. The app she likes to use is called FaceTune. She admits that she may look different when people see her in person and that is part of why, but she doesn’t care.

Now when it comes to plastic surgery, Lala Kent didn’t admit to exactly what she has had done but did make it clear she has done things to her body. If you don’t like it, fix it, is the way that she plans to be and wants everyone else to be as well. It is great to hear her own it because so many people deny doing things to themselves.

During Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent left the show and then she made the decision to come back during Season 6. This was a big decision for her, but she feels like it was the right one. She shared that the cast members had been reaching out to her. She decided to come back. Lala says that there is drama, but it sounds like things are better than they were in the past for them. Lala does seem happy with her decision to come back again.

On the preview for next week’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules, everyone saw that Lala Kent will show up to talk to Lisa Vanderpump. Obviously, Lisa decided to let her come back again and be on the show. It looks like Lala Kent will be back to SUR working once again.

Don’t miss out on watching Lala Kent and her return to Vanderpump Rules. You can see new episodes on Mondays on Bravo. Now that Lala is back, you know she will bring a bit of drama along with her.