Donald Trump Poll: Two In Five Voters Think Russian Interference Changed Election Outcome

Glenn Minnis

A new national poll finds more than two in five voters think Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election won by Donald Trump and their actions "changed the outcome of the vote."

The Quinnipiac University survey of 1,211 voters also asked the open-ended question of what is the first word that pops into their mind when they think of Trump, drawing an average of 43 responses for such descriptions as "idiots," "liar," and "incompetent."

Another 26 respondents answered "a**hole," while an average of 18 responded "moron," "arrogant," and "disgusting."

"President Donald Trump is known for hurling insults, and he's getting slammed right back," Quinnipiac University Poll assistant Tim Malloy told Newsweek. 'Idiot' is just one of a string of insults thrown his way by American voters."

In comparison, an average of 30 respondents used the words "leader," "strong" and "great" to describe Trump.

Researchers also noted of the 48 words used at least five times to describe Trump, 30 of them, or 60 percent, carried negative connotations.

Overall, 57 percent of respondents said they disapprove of the job Trump is doing in the White House, compared to just 37 percent who approve.

On the issue of the ongoing Russia investigation headed by special counsel Robert Mueller, 57 percent of voters said they believe Trump has at some point tried to "derail or obstruct the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 election."

In addition, more than half, or 52 percent, said they believe the Trump campaign actually colluded with the Russian government, while 73 percent of respondents indicated that they are totally convinced Russia at least attempted to influence what turned out to be Trump's stunning win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Thus far, Mueller's probe has led to four former staffers being criminally charged, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn and campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Flynn has already pleaded guilty to lying to FBI officials and is now cooperating with the probe.

Researchers noted Trump's highest approval rating in the poll dates all the way back to the early days following his election, when his approval rating was pegged at 42 percent.