Weird Omarosa ‘Soul Sistahs’ Video: Manigault Cuts ‘Trump’s’ Hair, Takes It Out Of Her Bra, Gets 70,000 Views

There’s a really weird video of Omarosa Manigault Newman going viral about 11 years after the video was uploaded to YouTube. Whereas Saturday Night Live had fun roasting Omarosa with sketches showing Omarosa trying to break into the White House, folks on YouTube are having fun roasting Omarosa in the comments section beneath the bizarre video.

As reported by Page Six, the video starring Omarosa is titled “Soul Sistahs,” with the strange 10-minute long video showing Omarosa starring as herself in the science fiction tale. With nearly 70,000 views and counting, the video was published to the YouTube account named Andrew Coppa on Mar 29, 2006, but is gaining plenty of views now because of the weird content. In the video, Omarosa wears a red bra and tight red pants throughout most of the footage and goes on a quest to cut a lock of hair from a man who the film pretends is President Donald Trump.

The odd plot of the movie features a woman who feeds Omarosa some type of poisoned food, causing her to pass out. Omarosa is then sent on a mission to take some of Trump’s hair. A man or woman wearing an orange wig portrays Trump. The movie was created a couple of years after Omarosa became famous on Trump’s NBC show The Apprentice.

After succeeding in her mission to cut a big piece of Trump’s hair, Omarosa returns to the woman who fed her the poisoned cake and pulls the orange lock of hair out of her bra. Instead of turning over the hair to the woman, Omarosa screams that Trump’s hair has power and that she wants the evil hair.

Omarosa dodges fake bullets in the film, with Trump’s bodyguards appearing to kill themselves in the movie. Meanwhile, feedback about Omarosa being part of such a strange film is flowing into social media.

As seen in the below and above videos, Saturday Night Live made fun of Omarosa allegedly being fired from her White House job after nearly a year on the job. Omarosa claimed that she wasn’t fired but resigned. Either way, the old video of Omarosa is joining the popularity of the new videos that place Omarosa in an unflattering light.