Police Arrest Man Accused Of Recording Two Children Using Restroom At Palm Bay Walgreens

After a four-day search for a man accused of recording two children using the restroom at a Walgreens store in Palm Bay, Florida, police officials have made an arrest. The Palm Bay Daily reports that 20-year-old Jonathan Kelvin Montaque was booked into the Brevard County Jail Complex on Tuesday, and he was charged with video voyeurism.

It was alleged that on the night of Saturday, December 9, a mother allowed her two children—aged nine and four—to use the restroom at a Walgreens, located at 5245 Babcock Street, while she stayed in the photo department.

When the children walked into a female’s restroom, police say they noticed a man filming them through the empty spaces of the stall.

The children immediately exited the restroom and alerted their mother, who told an employee about the incident. When the employee questioned the suspect who was still in the ladies’ restroom, he left the store before Palm Bay Police arrived.

Palm Bay Police Lt. Mike Bandish stated that before Montaque was allegedly caught recording two children in a Walgreens restroom with an iPhone, an employee saw him heading towards the women’s restroom and directed him to the men’s restroom.

Jonathan Kelvin Montaque mugshot

After being notified about the Peeping Tom, the Palm Bay Police Department turned to the public for help, releasing Walgreen’s surveillance footage in hopes that someone would help identify the suspect. Less than twenty-four hours later, Montaque was in police custody.

Authorities say that they are unsure if Montaque’s intentions were to record children or women.

When Palm Bay residents learned about the Peeping Tom suspect, some say they were disgusted and speechless. Although Montaque is now behind bars, parents say that they will still be on the lookout.

Palm Bay police officials advised parents to keep a close eye on their children while inside a public place. If your children need to use the restroom, police say parents should either go in with them or wait for them by the door if the restroom is too small for more than one person.

Montaque remains at the Brevard County Jail Complex with a $5,000 bond.

He is set to make a court appearance on January 9, 2018.