Beyonce’s Mom Posts Instagram Photo Of ‘Real Hair’ Growth: 5,787 Comments Call Tina Knowles A Liar Or Proud Ma

Scott GriesGetty Images

Tina Knowles has posted a photo to her “Mstinalawson” Instagram account that has gotten plenty of attention within 18 hours. As seen below, the photo purports to show Beyonce, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, with Beyonce’s alleged real hair showing inches of real hair growth. Tina wrote, “INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back!! She is going to get me.” It’s not clear if Tina meant that all of the hair shown being sported by Beyonce was all of her own real hair, or if only some of the hair shown is Beyonce’s real hair with hair extensions mixed in the mane.

Either way, the photo and caption have gained loads of attention, with many people debating in the comments section of Tina’s Instagram account whether or not the photo actually shows Beyonce’s real hair. Whist some people are defending Tina and writing that Beyonce has always had long hair, others are asking how Beyonce was able to grow her real hair to that length.

Others are commiserating with Beyonce due to folks doubting the length of her real hair, because they write that they as well have folks doubting their long hair as a hair weave because they are African-American women who can see people searching the front of their hairlines for lace front wig telltale signs, glue or hair weave tracks. Some write that Beyonce has been using protective hair styles for years, so that would allow her hair to flourish and grow.

Some Instagram users point to how Beyonce’s recent pregnancy hormones and possible prenatal vitamins may have helped her hair flourish, while others claim an epidural may have had a negative effect upon her hair in the past as they try and guess what might have made Beyonce’s hair stop growing or break off. It’s well known that Tina owned her own hair salon prior to Beyonce becoming a superstar, so folks are crediting Beyonce’s mom with knowing a thing or two about how to care for hair, after Beyonce allegedly cut her hair at some point in the past.

Ultimately, the debate on Instagram rages on, with some followers begging Beyonce not to cut her hair ever again, while others are asking Tina for hair tips and whether or not the photo was taken in Beyonce’s closet. Some are crediting Beyonce’s vegan diet with helping her hair grow while others are writing that they can clearly see clip-ins in the photo. Others are commenting that they need to see the front of Beyonce’s hair before they believe it’s her real hair.