Is Beyonce Reuniting With Destiny’s Child At Coachella?

Beyonce dropped an album out of thin air in 2013 without any promotion. Months before Lemonade, her 2015, critically-acclaimed visual album was released, she posted a photo of herself holding a lemon, sneakingly foreshadowing what was to come. That’s why it’s not improbable to believe that Beyonce is planning something big for when she headlines Coachella in 2018, but could that be a Destiny’s Child reunion (with all of the members, new and old) like the internet thinks?

Could Destiny’s Child Be Sending Us Clues?

According to the Twitter account, @DaKingKK, it could. On December 12, the fan account posted a collage of “receipts,” which it believes prove that Beyonce is planning a secret reunion with Destiny’s Child. Featured in the collage is a photo of Beyonce wearing a top with the letters “DC” on them and Michelle Williams posting about the boots she wore when Beyonce brought her and Kelly Rowland to the Super Bowl.

Also shown is LaTavia Robinson gushing on Twitter about wanting, but not being able to tell, her fans something, and LeToya Luckett posting a throwback photo of the original DC members.

The tweet has racked up over almost 7,000 retweets and 17,000 likes as of the writing of this article, and has inspired dozens of articles speculating over the possibility, but is it all just wishful thinking?

Beyonce To Headline Coachella 2018

After being advised by her doctor to cancel her 2017 headlining spot at Coachella due to her pregnancy, Beyonce was scheduled to headline the 2018 festival, so the fan is at least right about that aspect. Come spring, Beyonce will be at Coachella, but will it be to reunite with her old group like she did during her 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Unfortunately, for the fans, a Destiny’s Child reunion probably isn’t in the clouds for now. A source close to Beyonce’s camp reached out to TMZ to completely shut down this rumor, saying that the singer had no plans to reunite with the group.

Of course, Coachella is still four months away, so maybe the fan’s enthusiasm will encourage Beyonce to call up her former group members and give them what they want. With groups like New Edition and Xscape reuniting for specialty performances and tours, DC’s fans are hoping that their favorite group will follow suit.