Is One Of The ‘Teen Mom’ Stars On Meth?

Michael BucknerGetty Images

Several of the women on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have owned up to having problems with drugs, but now a blind item suggests that one of them may be using meth.

The site, Crazy Days and Nights posts blind items about celebrities, and this one had many Teen Mom fans’ interest piqued.

“This Teen Mom wants no part of a drug test right now. I think she thinks she is fooling people, but that meth face gives it all away.”

Fans were eager to guess who the Teen Mom would be most likely to be using. In the past, Jenelle Evans, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell have confessed to using drugs, though Catelynn has only owned up to using pot. Some suspect that Leah Messer went to rehab at one point for an addiction to pills, but the Teen Mom 2 star maintains that she was only in inpatient for depression.

Although guesses on the page included Leah and Catelynn, the consensus seemed to be that the Teen Mom star using meth at the moment would be Jenelle Evans. Recently, it came out that Jenelle tested positive for drugs when she gave birth to her daughter, Ensley, as did her newborn daughter.

Jenelle’s skin has also been looking rather bad lately, which she says is from old acne scars. However, people who are addicted to meth often “pick” at their skin, and many are saying that Jenelle looks as though she has been doing so.

Recently, Jenelle also posted a photo on her Instagram from her step-daughter Maryssa’s cheer competition. In the photo, she had edited her eyes as well as her husband, David Eason’s eyes, but left Maryssa’s alone. Some suspected this meant the pair had been doing drugs and didn’t want anyone to see it on their pupils.

Jenelle’s ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, has been fighting her for custody of their son, Kaiser. According to both Griffith and his mother, the boy has come over testifying that he had been hit by his step-father and multiple bruises on his body.

Teen Mom 2 viewers were shocked to witness Jenelle and her husband grab and swear at Kaiser during last season as they tried to pose for their “save the date.”