Terry Crews Claims Adam Venit Retaliation, Believes Family Is Being ‘Bugged’ and ‘Tracked’

After filing a lawsuit against WME agent Adam Venit, Terry Crews believes he may be dealing with a major case of retaliation. Crews refused to back down after calling out Venit for groping him at a Hollywood party last year. Now that he’s taken action, the Brooklyn Nine Nine actor believes that Venit is still trying to silence him.

Terry Crews took to Twitter with some claims against Venit that sound like the plot of a suspense thriller. It just goes to show how powerful some of the elite Hollywood players really are and how far they might go in order to keep things exactly as they are.

Crews claims his property has been bugged. He also believes that he’s being followed in an attempt to get him to drop the lawsuit against the man that he says groped him.

Ever since opening up about the alleged sexual assault, Crews has been sharing what he’s going through. The aftermath of accusing a Hollywood bigwig has been fierce. It just proves even more why so many men and women remained quiet, some for decades. While Crews says that he expected some retaliation, he may not have been ready for the ordeal that he’s been facing since coming forward back in October.

“My assailant Adam Venit is the founding partner at @WME, a corporation worth over $8 billion,” Crews tweeted. “I believe my family is being tracked and possibly bugged.”

“I also believe @unclerush was asked to pressure me into dropping my case by @WME execs,” Crews continued. “Somehow they thought he was the ‘King of Black people’. Someone hacked into the computer my son and I built together. I have to shut it down and replace the hard drive.”

Terry Crews also tweeted about his dealings with the LAPD. In his extensive Twitter conversation, he wrote that he was in contact with the local police but they had warned him about WME and the reach of someone like Adam Venit. Citing the infamous “Hollywood secrets” that so many are working to protect, Crews tweeted, “If I were to have a timely ‘accident’ — you know where to look.”

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Terry told fans that he feels the safest by keeping the public informed about what he’s going through. The prolific actor has done just that. He even accused TMZ of colluding with Hollywood executives in order to pass information along. A claim he says the outlet failed to report when they did interview him after catching up with him and his wife at the airport.

The latest revelation from Terry Crews came after he filed a lawsuit against Adam Venit. The WME agent was suspended from his role with the agency for one month after Crews aired his allegations. The agency is still investigating Venit but allowed him to return to work, only removing his title of partner.

Crews was incensed when Venit returned, tweeting out that the alleged groper got “a pass.” He ended up leaving the agency and recently announced that he has signed with UTA instead.