‘Saturday Night Live’ Donald Trump Christmas: 379,000 ‘White House Tree Trimming Cold Open – SNL’ Video Views

Saturday Night Live made a splash on Saturday, December 16, with a video that has risen to the No. 5 trending position on YouTube, titled “White House Tree Trimming Cold Open – SNL.” Within nine hours of being uploaded to the official Saturday Night Live YouTube channel, the video has garnered more than 379,000 views and plenty of thumbs up ratings. The Saturday Night Live sketch features President Donald Trump, as played by Alec Baldwin, saying goodbye to all the “losers” who left the Trump administration during 2017. With First Lady Melania Trump standing next to her husband, as Melania was once again portrayed by SNL regular Cecily Strong, putting on her perfect “Merry Christmas” accent, she is a calming force that detracts from Donald threatening to write the real “N-word” on social media.

Ivanka Trump made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. SNL‘s version of Ivanka joked about only hearing her husband, Jared Kushner, speak aloud once. Trump’s sons — Donald Jr. as portrayed by Mikey Day and Eric Trump as acted out innocently and feigning ignorance by Alex Moffat — also make another visit to their dad. Each Saturday Night Live character showed up with ornaments to use to trim the Christmas tree, as each ornament contained the photo of a person who met with a splashy end for their White House job.

Kellyanne Conway showed up as Kate McKinnon, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ image was portrayed by Aidy Bryant once more. Stealing the show was Leslie Jones as Omarosa, who kept trying to break into the White House by beating on the windows and beating up the Secret Service personnel.

Mike Pence, as played by Beck Bennett, was mocked for being a little tipsy off of Ginger Ale and for thinking that Omarosa’s rants represented the Rapture happening.

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