Poll: Donald Trump Most Unpopular First Year President Ever, 70 Percent Say Country Heading In Wrong Direction

A new national poll finds that President Donald Trump is the most unpopular first-year president ever, while another survey concludes that 70 percent of voters are convinced the country is “headed in the wrong direction.”

In an Associated Press-NORC poll, only 32 percent of the respondents expressed approval for Trump’s performance, while a staggering 67 percent disapproved.

Among Trump’s critics in the poll, more than half of the respondents added they “strongly disapprove” of his job performance.

In addition, seven in 10 respondents, or 70 percent of voters, said they believe the country is “headed in the wrong direction.”

Trump’s first year in the Oval Office has been dogged by strife, with his 2016 campaign election team still under heightened scrutiny over Russian meddling leading up to the election.

All the chaos and confusion has taken its toll, as a recent Suffolk University poll finds Trump’s popularity among his ever loyal Fox News base is even starting to show signs of slippage.

Researchers found just 58 percent of respondents who highlight Fox News as their most trusted news source now view Trump favorably, down sharply from his height of 90 percent six months ago and rating of 74 percent just two months ago.

Throughout his first year in office, Trump has often pointed to stories and segments on the network he seems to think put him in the most favorable light, and face of the network Sean Hannity is widely viewed as one of his most trusted confidantes.

Trump’s struggles have become so pronounced that 66 percent of respondents added they disapprove of his handling of taxes, even though passage of a Republican-backed bill would be the first major legislative win for the administration since taking office.

Donald Trump is losing Fox News popularity.

In addition, a Public Religion Institute survey recently found more opposition.

Trump is so strong among those disapproving of him, one in three voters insist “there is almost nothing he can do to win their support.”

Researchers noted that’s more than two times the 15 percent of voters who agreed “there is almost nothing he can do to lose their support.”

In addition, 26 percent of those who responded they now support Trump admitted they could change their mind.

Even as Republicans overwhelmingly remained aligned with Trump, with 84 percent approving of his job performance, that support does not appear unbreakable. In all, well over half, or 50 percent of that demographic, admitted he could do something that could cause their support to waver.

Pollsters also found that two in five respondents, or 40 percent, support the full-fledged idea of impeachment of the president.