‘Best Funeral Ever’ Show Set To Premiere On ‘TLC’

goldern gate funeral home

Best Funeral Ever docudrama event will soon premiere and focus on “party style” funerals. The TLC show will reportedly focus on farewells which celebrate the end of a life in a lively, colorful, and musical manner.

The TLCBest Funeral Ever event may turn into a full series if the audience responds well to the idea. The cameras will follow the Dallas funeral home employees as they go about the task of planning elaborate funeral services, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Golden Gate Funeral Home director John Beckwith Jr. had this to say about a celebration infused funeral:

“We’re not having a funeral we’re having a celebration of life. Heading to the afterlife ain’t the time to cry – it’s the time to celebrate. You may be in a casket but it can still be fantastic. If the deceased wanted to dunk a basketball, we can make that happen.”

Beckwith and his staff will reportedly do anything legally allowed to honor a family’s funeral request, according to Radar Online. Some past funeral activities included Santa riding on top of the coffin and ceremonies which included pot bellied pigs.

Although some of the ideas tossed about when planning a celebratory farewell, the staff showcased on The Best Funeral Ever do not embark on their task with a comical mindset and reportedly maintain the dignity of the deceased.

The Golden Gate Funeral Home employees appear to genuinely want to give the deceased’s loved one something to smile about when recalling the life of their relative or friend.