‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Andre DiMera Makes Deal With Chad, Kate Gets Away With Her Sins Once Again

Days Of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead reveal Kate Roberts DiMera (Lauren Koslow) won’t have to face consequences for long. After Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) strips her of the CEO title and kicks her out of the mansion, someone tries to help the disgraced character. Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) makes a deal with this brother, which allows Kate to get away with what she has done.

On Friday’s episode of the NBC soap opera, Steve “Patch” Johnson (Stephen Nichols) tricked Kate into implicating herself. The confession was recorded and Chad heard the whole thing. On Monday, expect him to strip her of everything DiMera, both personally and professionally. This includes evicting her from the mansion.

Even though fans thought that Kate would finally have to pay for her crimes, the consequences will be short-lived. Days Of Our Lives spoilers for the week of December 25 reveal that Andre makes a deal with this brother. The result is that Kate once again gets away with her scandalous schemes.

Chad is livid that Kate would use Theo in a dangerous and illegal undercover operation. Making it even worse is that she covered up her tracks after Theo was shot. As the comatose young man fought for his life, Kate kept lying, manipulating, blackmailing, and scheming. She did whatever was necessary to hide her involvement, including tampering with evidence.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers suggested that Kate would finally be exposed for her role in Theo’s shooting. However, it appears that isn’t the case. Once again, she will get away with her sins.

This makes some fans wonder if Theo will ever get justice for his ordeal. Even though JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) pulled the trigger, the detective didn’t realize he was shooting at Theo Carver. There are some viewers who believe that JJ’s guilt, which leads to a suicide attempt, is punishment enough.

Some wonder why Andre is going the extra mile to keep Kate’s secrets and defend her. After all, it’s not like the two have a good relationship. In fact, they have spent much of their fake marriage trying to throw each other under the bus. The reason is because Andre is in love with her. He is either in denial or doesn’t realize that he has feelings for Kate.

However, it is teased that someone else will figure it out. During the week of December 25, Days Of Our Lives spoilers from SoapCentral reveal that Abigail (Marci Miller) has a realization. It is stated that she discovers what is inside Andre’s heart.

It makes sense that Andre wouldn’t know that his motivations are fueled by love. His many conversations with Abby reveal that he struggles with his emotions. He also admitted that he doesn’t understand people, especially when spoken words don’t match their actions. Perhaps Abigail can help him, leading to “Kandre” actually becoming a powerful couple.

As for Kate, she will eventually have to face consequences for her actions. Theo deserves justice for her dangerous scheme, which has already destroyed so many other lives.

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