Rachel Lindsay Hints At Future Baby With Bryan Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are doing great since they met on The Bachelorette and fell in love. Life & Style recently shared that Rachel actually hinted at a possible baby soon. They have made it very clear that they want babies in the future.

Right now, Rachel and Bryan haven’t even confirmed a wedding date, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have babies on her mind. Bryan posted a picture of himself holding a baby, where he explained that he really doesn’t know the correct way to hold one just yet. After that, Rachel made sure to reply to him, saying that he will “learn soon enough.”

That has fans wondering if Rachel and Bryan are planning a baby pretty soon. Everyone would love to hear that they have a baby on the way. Fans are going crazy in the comments section about how they would make gorgeous babies and also how they want a televised wedding from them. They have hinted in the past that they want to start a family but they just haven’t said how soon it would be yet. Rachel wants four children and Bryan wants to have three, but he did admit they will probably end up having four in the end and she will get her way.

The Inquisitr recently shared that Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay also hinted at the chance of a television show for them. The two have been filming something recently but didn’t share the details just yet about what it is that they are filming.

They have made it sound like they are planning a wedding before children. Maybe they got a special or a show about their big wedding plans. Whatever it is, hopefully, more information will come out soon.

Hopefully, Rachel and Bryan will keep updating the fans on how they are doing. Starting in January of 2018, the fans will get the chance to watch Arie Luyendyk Jr. take over as The Bachelor and see if he finds his true love or not. Arie already shared that he falls for two girls this season.