Plane Crashes Into House In Florida, Leaves Three Dead

A small plane crashed into a house in Florida this afternoon leaving at least three people dead.

According to USA Today, the homeowner managed to escape the crash but the three people aboard the plane were killed.

The BE35 aircraft was heading to Downtown Island Airport in Knoxville, Tennessee, when it started to experience a mechanical problem. The pilot radioed for help saying that the plane was vibrating violently and was instructed to divert to Flagler County Airport. The plane crashed into a home surrounded by a wooded area about a mile from the airport.

Federal Aviation Authority issued a statement saying:

“A BE35 aircraft enroute to Downtown Island Airport in Knoxville, TN, reported a mechanical problem and was diverting to Flagler County Airport in FL. Plane crashed one mile east of airport into a house. Three persons on board.”

Flagler Live reports that the BE35 is a single-engine four-seater plane.

Charlie Ericksen, the Flagler County commissioner, said:

“(The plane crash left) just a destroyed roof area with smoke still coming out of it, scattered debris. All we saw was the tail section sticking out of the roof.”

The homeowner, Suzanne Crockett, was uninjured during the crash. Crockett was, however, visibly shaken by the ordeal.

florida plane crash

This isn’t the only small plane crash in the news recently. Three teenagers were killed after going for a “joyride” in Alabama.