Lil’ Kim’s Dance Makes People Laugh [Video]

Video: Lil Kim's Dance Makes People Laugh
Maury Phillips / Getty Images

Lil’ Kim does a dance that is cracking people up on Twitter and prompting them to keep sharing it on their timelines. As seen in the below video, Kim’s dance features the rapper bending low at the waist and flailing her arms akimbo, as if she is performing a shake-and-bake basketball move. As such, Twitter has come alive with jokes about the way Lil’ Kim dances and folks are expressing their wishes to see Kim and Mary J. Blige battle each other in some sort of Bring It On dance-off.

The dance has gotten hundreds of thousands of views on social media, with some Twitter users comparing Kim’s moves to those of Step Curry, or another basketball player who might try to guard LeBron James. A search for Kim’s name on Twitter brings up popular search queries such as “Lil Kim dance” and “Lil Kim dancing,” as well as “Lil Kim challenge” and “Lil Kim dodgeball,” since some folks liken Kim’s dance moves to a person attempting to avoid getting hit by a ball in dodgeball.

A search for feedback about the funny dance on Twitter reveals certain users calling the dance from Kim a “Quiet Storm” dance that is timeless.

Kim’s dance has turned into a meme, with individuals calling Kim’s dance “geriatric,” or comparing it to the moves that a person might make “when the bank robber says if you make any sudden movements he’ll end you.”

Other people are defending Kim’s popular dance moves, writing that they dance just like Kim does. Some quip that the dance makes them laugh so hard they wheeze, whilst one Twitter user wrote that she loves “that Sophia the Robot dance Lil Kim does when she performs.”

Social media users write about trying to emulate Kim’s dance moves when the “Get Money” song is played and being mistaken for a person who is trying to hide. The viral video is continually being shared online, with some people writing that they never get tired of watching Kim’s iconic and humorous dance moves.

A few sample comments about Kim’s dancing can be read below.