WWE News: John Cena Will Never Work A Full-Time Schedule With WWE Again

It’s no secret that John Cena’s priorities have changed over the past couple of years. He has been wrestling less every year and his status in Hollywood continues to rise fast. John Cena’s days might be numbered as a professional wrestler, but he’s as adamant as ever about remaining loyal to WWE and returning to the ring whenever he can. However, Cena recently dropped a bombshell about his WWE future during an interview.

While promoting Ferdinand, the 16-time WWE Champion did an interview with WrestleTalk and said very clearly that he cannot handle a full-time schedule with WWE any longer. Cena claims that between his age and commitments to Hollywood and outside projects, he doesn’t have the capability to work a full-time anymore, but he will continue to contribute like he has been over the past year on WWE programming.

Along with the wear and tear on his body, movie studios won’t let him wrestle while he’s shooting. Since his star continues to rise, he has less time to commit to wrestling. John Cena will make his WWE return for the Christmas edition of Raw and WWE’s Holiday Tour. That seems to be what the WWE Universe can expect from Cena in the future. He’ll return for one night or a feud, but he won’t have a regular role on TV again.

John Cena Drops Major Details About His WWE Future

John Cena is prepared to do just about anything WWE officials ask him to do for the company based on his availability. He’s also prepared for the powers that be to tell him that he’s no longer needed at all. It’s been a subtle transition, but WWE is no longer John Cena’s top priority. There have been a ton of rumors about Cena’s WWE future over the past few years, but it’s another thing entirely to hear it from his own mouth.

On paper, Cena doesn’t need to wrestle anymore. He’s one of the few wrestlers to launch a successful movie career and transition into the mainstream. The WWE Universe appreciates his commitment to WWE, but the company has thrived using the biggest names sparingly. John Cena has earned his part-time status, but it’s time for performers like Roman Reigns to carry the load on Raw and SmackDown Live into the future.