Meri Brown Causes Split Rumors With New Tweet About Never Being Good Enough

Meri Brown of Sister Wives is starting rumors that she may have split from Kody, but nobody knows for sure. These two have been through a lot, but her new tweet has everyone confused. Radar Online shared that rumors are now flying that Meri and Kody Brown could be over. It wouldn’t surprise anyone at all if these two ended up calling it quits.

As you can see in the tweet below, Meri is talking about not being good enough for others and it looks like someone is moving on. Meri has been through a lot with Kody and her sister wives over the years. Meri is living with them in Las Vegas, but she has now been spending a lot of time in Utah. Meri just opened her own bed and breakfast there. It is about three hours from her home, so she can’t be spending a lot of time in Vegas. The thing is, Kody is pictured in the opening of the bed and breakfast that just happened last week. If they are still together, things can’t be easy considering that she is in Utah a lot to work on the house, but now that it is done, nobody knows how much time she is spending there running it or if she hired someone to do the job.

Meri Brown will be on the new season of Sister Wives. The Inquisitr shared the details all about the new season. Kody and Meri aren’t on the same page for sure. It is explained that Meri really wants to get things back to normal with them, but Kody isn’t quite ready to do that with her. Meri never cheated on Kody, but she did get catfished by someone online that she thought she had feelings for, but it turned out to be a woman tricking her. Meri also shared that there will be a lot of ups and downs this season. The fans do not want to miss how it all turns out on TLC.

The fans are going to have to wait for the new season of Sister Wives to see how Meri and Kody are doing now. The new season will start airing on TLC in January.