Mario Batali Slammed For Sexual Misconduct Apology After Including A Recipe For Cinnamon Rolls

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Mario Batali has lost a lot over the last week. Allegations were made against him regarding sexual misconduct which resulted in his absence from the ABC daytime cooking show, The Chew. Since then, he has been officially terminated from the show, the network has cut ties, and two popular stores have decided to sever ties with him as well. It has gone from bad to worse for Batali, and it isn’t even close to being over yet.

In a newsletter that went out yesterday, Mario Batali issued an apology for his actions. This was not what people wanted to hear or see, especially with what was included in the apology letter. According to Us Weekly, Mario Batali is being slammed for including a recipe link in his note. The former chef from The Chew acknowledged those he disappointed with his behavior and talked about his past mistakes. While he never did admit to the allegations outright, his words insinuated he was guilty. Once news about the recipe for cinnamon rolls being included spread through social media, it was almost all anyone could talk about it. Several stars and fans slammed the chef over the incident, saying he was not serious about what he wrote.

This fallout from Mario Batali and the sexual misconduct allegations is going to be big. The Chew is now down to three hosts, but they were not okay with letting the chef stay on while they investigated the claims. Batali is just the latest celebrity caught in the shocking revelations about Hollywood and what is happening to women who cross paths with powerful men. Several critics have tweeted and retweeted the apology along with the recipe link. Batali is currently in the middle of a public relations nightmare, and that recipe for cinnamon rolls made it worse.

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There has been no official comment from Mario Batali regarding the public outrage over his sexual misconduct apology and the recipe being attached to it. Some are suggesting this was a deflection tactic, however, that has not been confirmed. Right now, Batali is remaining quiet on social media. Fans and viewers have stopped supporting the chef and are becoming increasingly disgusted with his movements. An apology isn’t going to be taken seriously when it is tarnished with a cinnamon roll recipe, especially in this circumstance where the allegations are a serious matter.