’90 Day Fiance’ Star Abby SaintGermain Reveals She Isn’t Moving To USA

Abby and Sean from 90 Day Fiance seem to get along great. They have been through their own set of issues, but now she is revealing that she isn’t moving to the United States. In Touch Weekly shared what Abby had to say and now the fans are wondering how things are going with Abby and Sean. Her not moving to the U.S. makes it sound like they might have decided not to stay together, but that isn’t the case at all.

This couple was actually on the special season called Before the 90 Days. They weren’t actually going through the K1-Visa process just yet. Now it turns out that they aren’t going to do it at all. Instead, Sean is going to move to be with Abby and they are going to stay in her area of the world. This doesn’t mean they aren’t getting married, but it will all be different depending on how it works there.

Abby shared that she is staying in the Caribbean to study and that Sean will be there with her. She didn’t say if they are actually getting married or any other details about what is going on with them. Sean and Abby had a lot of problems considering that he wasn’t okay with her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Chris. Abby recently shared that she ended her relationship with Chris so that she can be with Sean. That is probably exactly what they needed to happen to make things work.

Right now, Abby and Sean are still together and going strong. They seem to have figured out their issues, but they just won’t be getting married in the United States. That part is kind of surprising, but they must have decided to do what is best for them. Maybe they will be on a future season of the show for updates, but since they aren’t actually doing the K1-Visa process they more than likely won’t be on the show again in the future. Hopefully, Abby will keep giving updates on how she is doing on social networks.

It looks like Sean and Abby are going to end up being just fine. You don’t want to miss new episodes of 90 Day Fiance when they air on Sunday nights on TLC.