December 16, 2017
Could A Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rematch Be In The Works? First Fight's Payday Could Fuel Talk

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. may not have any immediate plans for a rematch, but the final totals for their first bout could end up fueling some speculation.

McGregor's boxing debut ended up drawing a massive audience that included 4.3 million Pay-Per-View buys in the United States, numbers released by Showtime this week noted. That fall only behind the 2015 fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao all time, Variety noted. As the Express reported, the total global buys are expected to top 6 million.

The total global revenue for the fight ended up at $600 million, making it one of the highest-grossing single-day sporting events of all time.

That total could give fuel to the McGregor-Mayweather rematch rumors that have already started in earnest. While Mayweather ended up easily handling McGregor in the UFC star's boxing debut, McGregor lasted longer than many experts had thought he would. That has left the door open for a potential rematch, and Conor McGregor is already raising that possibility.

Back in November, McGregor said he was confident he would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. if the undefeated champion would be willing to come out of retirement one more time.

"If I had another go with him, under boxing rules, I'd get that win. He had to change his whole approach. With those lessons I learned, with another go around, I'd get it," McGregor said (via the New York Post). "He's 50-0 and getting on, I'm not calling him out. I'll sit back. We'll see how he gets on with this round of money. Maybe I'll get another call. Originally he was saying an MMA bout next. … That's what he said before the fight."

In the past few weeks, the ship appeared to be sailing from a McGregor-Mayweather rematch. Manny Pacquiao said last week that he was in initial talks for a bout of their own. Even that fight ran into some road blocks, with UFC president Dana White saying he would be willing to sue to keep McGregor to his contract with the UFC. And McGregor himself has said he is committed to returning to MMA rather than the boxing ring.

But that will be a huge pay cut now for McGregor, who said he earned $100 million for the bout with Floyd Mayweather. So while a rematch between the two would remain far off --- and there are no indications that Mayweather has any inclination to come out of retirement again --- the huge gross from the first fight could allow the rumors to linger for at least a little longer.